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I was diagnosed with low sperm count and poor motility. helped me sort both out saving us thousands on a costly fertility treatment. 

Nigel Berrington
Nigel BerringtonNottingham

We tried for seven months until we got everything right thanks to the information on your website. We now have a beautiful 4 months old boy. Thank you!

Sarah Anter
Sarah AnterLondon

The Risks of Pregnancy after 35

Women are waiting to have children, and this has medical…

Friendly Fertility Foods - What Should I Be Eating?

A factor you may have never considered relating to sperm count…

Can Aspirin Really Increase the Pregnancy Rate of Women Who Suffer from Chronic Inflammation?

Although we normally focus on men, we thought this study could…
fertility window

Fertility Window – What You Need To Know

When it comes to trying to fall pregnant the timing of intercourse…
age-related infertility

Age-related infertility – What roles do genetics play?

  Millions of couples are affected by infertility.…
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The 5 Best IVF Clinics in the USA

  The website has released…

Could taking paracetamol impair male fertility?

LIFE research The National Institutes of Health has conducted…

Lycopene, tomatoes and male fertility

The rise of male infertility In 2015 Agarwal and collages published…
male contraception

Male Contraception - Turning sperm ‘on’ and ‘off’

Could it be possible to switch off sperm flow to prevent unwanted…

Meditation for male fertility

Understanding meditation Meditation has been around for thousands…
Coconut oil uses

Coconut Oil Uses May Enhance Fertility

Coconut oil uses have been a popular news item recently. More…

4 Steps To Improve Sperm Count With Amino Acids

Having trouble conceiving? If you and your partner have been…

Finding The Best Sperm For IVF

Assisted fertilisation procedures rely partly on high quality…

Male Fertility Yoga Poses and Benefits

Yoga is known to be highly beneficial by promoting peace of mind…

Marks and Spencer New Fertility Underwear

Marks and Spencer's male underpants with Cool & Fresh™ and…

Why Vitamin B12 is Important for Male Fertility

It is very important not to underestimate the importance of nutrients…

Arginine and Pycnogenol Help Treat Idiopathic Male Infertility

Approximately 30% of male infertility is classified as idiopathic.…

Bluetooth Radiation Reduces Sperm Motility & Viability

Most people regularly use Bluetooth technology on a weekly, if…

Masturbation Actually Improves Fertility

Why Do Men Love Masturbation? "It's the Evolution, stupid!"   Men…

Effective Sperm Needs High Quality Seminal Fluid

Effective Sperm Needs High Quality Seminal Fluid Seminal fluid…
Moment of conception

Don't Stress Out When Trying to get Pregnant!

While almost all youngsters go through a phase of not wanting…

L-carnitine, Antioxidants & Male Infertility

  There are several studies that have shown the…

Factors and Trends Influencing Male Sperm Count

Medical records documenting male fertility since the early 1900’s…

8 Natural Fertility Treatments for Men and Women

The most wonderful news that you can receive, is to be told that…

13 Male Fertility Nutrients Will Improve Your Sperm

Human sperm is of surprisingly low quality compared to other…

Is Bacon Bad for Male Fertility?

Reduced male fertility can be an emotional and exceedingly expensive…

How Amino Acids Enhance Male Fertility

Male sub-fertility is a complex medical condition as fertility…
produce more sperm with these 10 tips and 3 videos

Ten Tips To Produce More Sperm!

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Male Fertility Continues to Fall

In 2012, French scientists confirmed it once more: the male semen…

Turbo-charge your sperm with vitamin D

The human body needs sunlight in order to produce Vitamin D,…

L-Arginine Improves Sperm Quality

  L-arginine is very important for many…