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The 5 Best IVF Clinics in the USA

  The website fertilitysuccessrates.com has released IVF success rankings based on live birth rate per transfer for Fresh Embryos (rather than frozen) with 20 or more transfers per segment as reported in the most recent CDC Preliminary IVF Success Rate Report using 2014 data. The numbers represent the percentage of implanted embryos, which have successfully resulted in a live […]

Sperm Motility – How Can It Be Boosted?

What is sperm motility? Sperm motility means sperm movement. It is a very important factor for male fertility.  Low sperm motility, which Doctors also call “asthenospermia” is therefore characterised by insufficient forward sperm movement. If sperm is unable to effectively move through the cervix and towards the fallopian tubes then it cannot facilitate egg fertilisation.  This […]

Could taking paracetamol impair male fertility?

LIFE research The National Institutes of Health has conducted a long-term study in the United States called the Longitudinal Investigation of Fertility and the Environment (LIFE). This research has been investigating fertility data associated with 501 couples from Texas and Michigan. The study was conducted between 2005 and 2009. Now researchers have began analyzing this […]