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Lycopene, tomatoes and male fertility

The rise of male infertility In 2015 Agarwal and collages published a review of global male fertility trends. The study was based on meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and population-based studies. Researchers estimate that across the world 30 million men are infertile, with Eastern Europe and Africa reporting the highest rates1. Male infertility is continuing to rise […]

Could Stem Cells Reverse Male Infertility?

Stem cells may hold the answer to reversing male infertility There has been another breakthrough in stem cell research which may have implications for the future of male fertility. Scientists in China have created working sperm cells from embryonic stem cells. While the sperm were not mature, they were sufficiently advanced to create nine fertile […]

Improving Sperm Naturally: Top Male Fertility Supplements in Australia and New Zealand

Clinical research has now established that infertility is caused by men in up to 60% of couples1. Consuming fertility enhancing supplements is therefore becoming an increasingly popular method to boost sperm quality for a variety of reasons: Male Fertility Supplement Benefits Convenient, prescription-free and non-invasive Relatively inexpensive Based on natural nutrients, without side effects Effective after three […]

Sperm mutations escalate in older men

Sperm with disease causing mutations found to increase in older men Sperm mutations are increasingly becoming the focus of scientific studies. For many years researchers have been unable to explain why some children are born with genetic diseases which neither parent has. Now a new study appears to have found evidence that shows more disease causing […]

Meditation for male fertility

Understanding meditation Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It is a widely practised method used for ‘transforming the mind’. While there are many different teachings, the main focus is to understand the various habits and patterns of the mind. Using this knowledge it’s possible to apply techniques to generate new, positive approaches to […]

Sperm Abnormalities In Youth Exposed To Pesticides

Earlier this year research confirmed that men who regularly consumed vegetables and fruits with high pesticide residues had elevated sperm abnormalities1. Now a new study suggests that adolescent exposure to a group of pesticides known as organochlorins may have lasting adverse effects on male fertility. Specifically, dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have been identified […]

Coconut Oil Uses May Enhance Fertility

Coconut oil uses have been a popular news item recently. More people are rediscovering this natural plant extract and its associated health benefits. Furthermore, coconut oil is now being recognised for its fertility benefits. For several thousand years coconut oil has been considered a ‘superfood’. It has been used throughout tropical nations as an important […]

New Wireless Armour Men’s Underwear Protects Male Fertility From Electromagnetic Radiation

‘Wireless Armour’ underwear technology aims to stop sperm damage caused by electromagnetic radiation Earlier this year we featured a story on Marks and Spencer’s “fertility underwear”. Their new Cool & Fresh™ and StayNEW™ were designed to improve comfort and keep you cool. Since high scrotal temperatures can adversely influence sperm quality1, 2 these new designs may help […]

World’s First Successful In Vitro Human Artificial Sperm Production For Male Infertility

French-based biotech company Kallistem has just announced that it has successfully produced the world’s first artificial sperm using a process called in vitro human spermatogenesis. Founded in 2012 by Philippe Durand and Marie-Helene Perrard, these internationally renowned scientists specialising in human reproductive biology may have achieved the breakthrough that could help to preserve male fertility and […]