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  1. Mohammed Phamba Konneh
    Mohammed Phamba Konneh says:

    Sir, I am a 49 year old man who has been having a very longstanding sexsually transmitted disease which resulted into many other problems. While having this problem, I still used to have a good production of sperm volume and semen count. But over a year now, to my greatest surprise, I could not produce a single sperm cell with just fee watery drops of sperm when discharge.
    Ironically, I have not got a child yet though was able to impregnate a woman more than once some time ago which did not survive.
    The STI has so much caused me much reproductive health hazard. Disturbing movement sensation in my testes I took a great deal of various antibiotics which affects my immunity that I can easily get reinfected when my peni touches my skin.
    Please, I want to know if I can ever produce semen again to impregnate a woman. I will appreciate if you have a remedy for me. I live in Nigeria. Mobile number is +2348036*****.. Wish to hear from you.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Konneh, I am truly sorry to hear about your history. I am neither allowed for fully able to make a remote diagnosis and strongly suggest you see your GP / General Physician as soon as possible and get a referral to a male reproductive health specialist, a so-called Andrologist or Urologist. Good luck!


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