8 Natural Fertility Treatments for Men and Women

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The most wonderful news that you can receive, is to be told that you are pregnant with a much wanted baby. For some women getting pregnant appears to be an easy task, however, for others, despite there being no cut and dried medical reason, it seems more like an impossible dream.

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About six natural fertility treatment for women
About two natural fertility treatment for men


Natural Fertility Treatments

There are several excellent natural fertility treatments, listed below. They can all help to increase fertility, it is just a case of deciding which one will work best for you.


Natural Treatment 1 – HYPNOSIS

 fertility hypnosis will increase the chance of pregnancyThe more you try to fall pregnant and fail, the more anxious and tense you become. Lovemaking becomes a chore to make a baby, rather than a pleasurable experience, which disturbs the hormonal balance necessary for the implantation of an egg.
Hypnosis will help to decrease stress and the production of that nasty little hormone, cortisol, which upsets hormonal balance, discouraging ovulation and fertilization. It was found, during studies, that women undergoing IVF treatment, when hypnotized during treatment, dramatically increased their rate of conception.
Your therapist will be able to introduce you to self-hypnosis and there are some very good DVDs and CDs available.


Natural Treatment 2 – ACUPUNCTURE

Acupuncture helps increase the chance of pregnancyThis is a great way to increase blood flow, thus promoting a state of balance within the body. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art and involves inserting minute needles into various points of the body.

They unblock chi, or energy, which in turn stimulates the nervous system to produce pain relieving chemicals which will help healing. It is thought that acupuncture assists fertility as it can improve the blood supply to the reproductive organs, which in turn will stimulate hormones and regulate ovulation.
It will also help to decrease stress, greatly increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. Regular sessions are necessary and this should be taken into account. Patience is the word, as with any natural treatment.


Natural Treatment 3 – YOGA

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise, creating a healthy mind and body.

yoga can increase the chance of pregnancyTake just one session and immediately feel the benefits, especially with regards to stress levels. Special fertility yoga will show your body how to open up, with flowing movements and breathing exercises that will aid the uterus and the heart.

It is a form of exercise that you can do at home once you have learnt the movements and it will certainly put both your mind and body in the mood for some loving.

You are far more likely to conceive if your body is relaxed and open rather than tense and tight.

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Natural Treatment 4 – CHINESE MEDICINE

Chinese herbs have been around for centuries and are well known for being useful in regulating the menstrual cycle and hormones.

Chinese herbs can increase the chance of pregnancyGet professional advice as to what is best for you to take, as each individual woman’s needs are different.

It was found during a study by the Complementary Therapies in Medicine journal, that women who took recommended Chinese herbal treatments, increased their chances twofold of becoming pregnant during a period of 16 weeks.



The nerves which run down through the spine, extend also into the reproductive system. The theory is that if there are any pinched or blocked nerves, the result will be a misalignment of the spine.

This in turn may well cause an imbalance of hormones, together with other malfunctions, which could be a possible cause of infertility. By manipulating the spine, a readjustment will result and relieve the pressure on the nerves running down the spinal column. It is then very possible that your reproductive system will begin to function better, resulting in a pregnancy.


Natural Treatment 6 – FERTILITY MASSAGE

It is possible to self-massage once you have learnt how to do it correctly, however it is very relaxing to have a professional do it for you.

fertility massage can increase the chance of pregnancyThe benefits of a fertility massage are enormous and can help to reposition the uterus that may be out of alignment and bring fresh blood to it. Circulation will also be increased to the cervix and uterus. Hormonal balance will be strengthened and the stress hormone, cortisol, will be reduced.

Massage will also help to reduce scar tissue and will improve endocrine system communication. Regular fertility massage may well help you to become pregnant.


Natural Treatment 7 – RELAXATION FOR MEN

Men also feel the pressure when the desire for a baby overtakes everything else.

Massage can relax men so they can perform better on demand to improve the chance of pregnancyHe is expected to perform on demand, especially when the woman is at her optimum for getting pregnant.

Relaxation techniques are just as important for him as for her and acupuncture and massage can be extremely effective. Maybe even yoga sessions together that may well end up in the bedroom. It is important to note that men should abstain from masturbation and sex 2-3 days before the best day of baby making sex – ovulation day



There are several nutrients that can help to increase his sperm count and quality. Vitamins A, C, D, and E are very important to increase production and quality of the sperm.

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Other essentials include B12, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, zinc and folic acid. Most of these can be provided with a correct diet and supplements such as taking a daily multivitamin capsule.

A varied and balanced diet is absolutely essential to improve male fertility. Supplements are an efficient and effective way to deliver the key nutrients in the required quantities more effectively and efficiently than any regular diet.

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A supplement is ideal for two groups of men: Men who are planning for a child and men, who have already been diagnosed with suboptimal semen.

Both groups of men will benefit by being able to deliver higher quality semen by supplementing micronutrients.

The male fertility supplements market is saturated and products differ widely in terms of nutrients and price.

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Ultimately, whatever is best for you and your partner is the most likely to be effective, but remember, pregnancy will almost certainly not happen overnight. Be prepared that it could take several months to conceive, from when you start your natural treatment – and above all – do not worry or get stressed, because this may make you your body’s worst enemy.
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