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Factors and Trends Influencing Male Sperm Count

Medical records documenting male fertility since the early 1900’s have shown a steady fall in male fertility. Coinciding with this trend has been a significant decline in sperm count. A reduction in sperm concentration can make fertilization very difficult, leading to a lower birth rate. Presently, low sperm count is the leading cause of male […]


Sperm freezing

    What is sperm freezing? Sperm freezing is the most successful way for men to preserve their fertility. It also called sperm cryopreservation, sperm banking or semen storage. The process involves collecting and storing semen for future use. Semen is the fluid which contains sperm cells.   How does sperm freezing work? Step 1: […]


Sperm Motility – How Can It Be Boosted?

What is sperm motility? Sperm motility means sperm movement. It is a very important factor for male fertility.  Low sperm motility, which Doctors also call “asthenospermia” is therefore characterised by insufficient forward sperm movement. If sperm is unable to effectively move through the cervix and towards the fallopian tubes then it cannot facilitate egg fertilisation.  This […]


Improving Sperm Naturally: Top Male Fertility Supplements in Australia and New Zealand

Clinical research has now established that infertility is caused by men in up to 60% of couples1. Consuming fertility enhancing supplements is therefore becoming an increasingly popular method to boost sperm quality for a variety of reasons: Male Fertility Supplement Benefits Convenient, prescription-free and non-invasive Relatively inexpensive Based on natural nutrients, without side effects Effective after three […]