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Male Fertility Yoga Poses and Benefits

Yoga is known to be highly beneficial by promoting peace of mind and unity between the mind and the body. A lesser known, but equally important feature of yoga is its healing powers. While many conditions will need the advice of a medical…
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VIDEO – Learn The Process of Conception in 2 Minutes

Learn about the process of human conception in only 2 minutes. menfertility.org is dedicated to helping men improve their fertility - naturally
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TED VIDEO – Why a male contraceptive pill could reduce abortions

Andrologist John Amory is developing innovative male contraception that gives men a new option for taking responsibility to prevent unintended pregnancy. He details the science in development -- and why the world needs a male pill.

Male Contraception Update – Vasalgel Testing Confirms 100% Contraception In Male Primates

In May 2016 we brought you a story on Vasalgel, a promising new non-hormone birth control for men. You can re-read the story here - Is Vasalgel the answer to male birth control? How does Vasalgel work? Unlike the contraceptive pill…
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Finding The Best Sperm For IVF

Assisted fertilisation procedures rely partly on high quality sperm. It’s reasonable to assume sperm quality would be the same throughout the ejaculate. However new research suggests that this isn’t the case. Instead, it’s believed that…

Male Fertility Video – Statistics ✔ Supplements COMPARISON ✔ Foods ✔ Research ✔

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBmOxjdZ1ag   This video is for you no matter whether you are just beginning to try for a baby or you and your spouse have been trying for some time without success. We’re going…