L-Arginine Improves Sperm Quality

Seeing the Urologist can be a very sobering experience for aspiring fathers.

Especially, when they have to review their own spermiogram and realise that the quantity, mobility or morphology of their sperm cells is not sufficient.

Isolating a single cause for the reduced quality of sperm is very hard. So unless a holistic approach is taken when analysing the subject’s lifestyle and background, even specialists may not be able to provide a simple solution to this complex problem.

The common amino acid Arginine has such great health benefits to the human body that simply consuming it more will improve fertility.

You will learn

  • The benefits of L-arginine related to fertility
  • Which foods are rich in Arginine
  • About the appropriate daily dosage
  • About the various other key benefits of L-arginine in the human body

The Fertility Benefits of Arginine

L-arginine is very important for many processes in the testicles and penis. It can therefore have a positive impact on the strength and mobility of sperm. Professor Frank Sommer

  • It has been directly proven that taking arginine supplements leads to better sperm development (both in more ejaculate, higher sperm count and better motility)1 2.

  • The testicles need Arginine to produce spermine, a polyamine first discovered in human semen and now known to occurr in almost all tissues. Spermine is concentrated particularly high in semen and is responsible for its characteristic smell and more importantly to stabilise and preserve the human DNA. It ensures the mobility of the sperm and plays an important role in cell division itself. A higher Arginine consumption therefore causes average ejaculate volume to increase.

  • Researchers were able to prove in the 1970s that the supplementation of Arginine can help increase a reduced quantity (count) of sperm in the ejaculate3 4 5. The dosages given to the subjects in these studies ranged between 4g and 8g per day.

  • Indirectly, arginine also leads to a better chance of pregnancy due to its strengthening of erections and thus the prospect of more frequent sexual intercourse. Arginine-produced NO regulates the rate of blood flow (vascularity) and consequently the supply of nutrients throughout the body. This regulation of blood vessels means that it is indispensable for healthy functioning arteries and circulation. Urologists recommend taking arginine in their dietary treatment of erectile dysfunction for this reason. It helps blood flow to the penis.

    To experience the benefits of improved systemic vascularity (blood flow throughout the body) a minimum daily Arginine dose of 3000mg is required. Recent research has found that Pine Bark Extract further increases the effectiveness of L-arginine in producing NO6.

    L-Arginine is the key building block for the neuro-transmitter Nitrogen-Monoxide (NO). This little molecule plays a critical role indeed in many metabolic processes in almost all forms of life.

    understand how to increase male sperm quality

    Arginine plays a significant role across a large amount of critical metabolic processes in the entire human organism. It is classified as a semi-essential amino acid, because it is produced by the body, but often not in sufficient quantities and extra amounts thus need to be consumed through food.

    Amongst many other functions, it ensures vascular relaxation (widening of blood vessels), which improves blood flow and the supply of nutrients throughout the body, including the testicles, where the sperm is produced7. It is indeed possible that NO plays many more important roles in the generation of human sperm cells8.

    In 1998 the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was won by Luis Ignarro, Robert Furchgott and Ferid Murad for their research on the benefits of NO. In this video Dr Ignarro can be seen explaining the various health benefits gained from Arginine-induced NO supplementation:


  • A team of scientists in Turkey gave 15 subjects with a low sperm count extremely high doses of Arginine over three months. It was shown that the test subjects had significantly improved sperm quality and three out of the 15 subjects (20%) were able to conceive children with their partner as a consequence of the therapy

  • Italian scientists were further able to conclusively show that sperm motility significantly improved following a course of specific supplementation consisting of Arginine, Carnitine, Acetylcarnitine and Ginseng. Earlier studies had already indicated that these nutrients would have a positive impact on fertility

arginine can significantly improve sperm quality

The effectiveness of Arginine in increasing the quality of male sperm is backed up by many animals studies. For example, it was shown that Arginine also activates the production of sperm in goats9.

A common reason for reduced sperm quality is often a lack of certain nutrients.

Male fertility supplements

Whilst a balanced diet is essential, supplements are able to deliver the required nutrients in the minimum quantities more cost-effectively and efficiently than any regular diet. 

A supplement is recommended for two groups of men:  

  • Men already planning for a child and
  • men, who have been diagnosed with suboptimal semen analysis readings.

Both groups will benefit from supplementing micronutrients to ensure they can deliver high-quality semen.

Male fertility supplements are

  • without side effects
  • able to increase sperm motility by up to 23%,
  • able to increase ejaculate volume by up to 33%
  • able to increase sperm count by up to 215%10
  • relatively inexpensive
  • effective after three to six months

The European market is saturated with many male fertility supplements, which differ significantly in terms of nutrients and price. Menfertility.org has diligently compared 12 of them in terms of value for money and nutrients provided.

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