How lifestyle factors can cause low male fertility


There are a number of factors that could cause low male fertility, chief of which could be dietary habits, use of alcohol and tobacco, obesity, ingestion of certain growth hormones that could cause male infertility and a host of other direct indirect factors. Low male fertility is expressed as low sperm count, low sperm motility and adverse sperm morphology. Since diet and lifestyle are important attributes for male fertility, it is necessary to consider how diet plays such a crucial role in determination of male fertility. Besides, it is also believed that heat, especially high degree of heat can lead to lowering of active sperm count and contribute to low male fertility besides poor dietary and living habits. Some kinds of foods, excessive use of tobacco, growth hormones and drugs are contributory factors for male fertility.

Sperm Count

This is one of the most important aspects of male fertility. Low sperm count could be a direct reason for male infertility and male’s inability to father children, Low sperm count could be acquired through adverse lifestyle conditions like excessive tobacco or alcohol addiction, both, obesity due to genetics, or own lifestyle factors and also use of growth hormones that contribute to lowering of sperm count in seminal fluid of men.

Oligospermia as low sperm count is medically known, could also be due to deficiencies of needed vitamins, amino acids and other elements that are essential for building sperm count and making men fertile enough for becoming fathers. Amino acids like arginine, carnitine and glutathione are indeed vital and shortfall can have adverse fathering effects.

Male Impotence

While most medical practitioners attribute impotence to psychological factors, there are also physical manifestations of impotence due to premature ejaculation, or low ejaculation, not enough penile penetration, as result of which sperm is not able to fully reach the ovum, lack of male penile erection, or unsustainable erection and even inability to penetrate the female vagina to aid, and enable conception. All these factors are causes for low male fertility since fertilization of the women does not take place, and even if it does, it is not enough to set the conception process into motion.

Sperm motility

This is with regard to the ability of sperm to swim across to the egg and fertilize it. It is important that the male sperm has this ability in order for sexual intercourse to result in fetal conception in women. Indeed sperm motility holds the key for men to father children and low sperm motility may be the underlying cause of a deeper and more serious malaise.

Should the sperm mobility be low, there is no cause for worry since there are medication available that could improve sperm mobility and chances of more efficient and effective sperm mobility

High stress levels could also cause low male fertility: Stress levels reduce the production and secretion of major nutrients needed for conception. For instance, amino acids such as arginine, carnitine and glutathione, inter alia, do play active role in elevating sperm concentration, motility and sperm quality. Conversely, due to any factor, deficits of these essentials along with co enzyme Q10, zinc, selenium, etc could also cause low male fertility.

It is indeed presumptuous and fallacious to believe that just a few factors and lifestyle misfits are the contributory factors for male fertility. Indeed a number of physical, psychological and physiological factors need to be considered in the domains of male fertility, its causes, results and outcomes. In the event of any doubts and misgivings, it is always more saner to seek professional help from qualified medical pracationers instead of indulging in dangerous quackery or other equally disaster producing treatment modes. Professional qualified doctors can identify the cause for barrenness in men and suggest methods, techniques and mediations that could cure such conditions in order for men to become potent candidates for fatherhood.

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