Marks and Spencer New Fertility Underwear

Marks and Spencer’s male underpants with Cool & Fresh™ and StayNEW™ Technology could help you conceive

Marks and Spencer (M&S) are know for their understated quality. Once the old school English high street brand, which almost went bankrupt in 2004, they have now re-established themselves as at the top end of the high-street.

Over the last few years M&S have developed a range of clothing lines, which are different from their competition not by design, but by new underpants technologies.

Cool & Fresh™ and StayNEW™ are two technologies, which claim to significantly enhance comfort. Cool & Fresh™ promises to “draw moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool, dry and fresh all day. StayNEW™ technology reduces bobbling and colour loss, keeping your clothes looking newer and brighter for longer.”

Is this the latest fertility underwear you can buy on the high street?

marks and spencer cool and fresh range

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How could these underpants help you conceive?

Mother nature has designed the testicles to hang outside of the male body, because optimal sperm production requires a temperature 1 to 2 °C below the core temperature of 37 °C. Several studies have been conducted on proving this statistically, some with positive, i.e. expected1, however, some also with inconclusive results2.

A German study of 30 healthy men tested whether heated car seats raise the temperature down there to damaging levels.

After an hour in the heated car seat, scrotal temperatures rose to an average of 37.3 °C, with a maximum temperature in one man of 39.7 °C. Although it is only a slight increase, it may be enough to damage the sperm production process, according to Andreas Jung, a researcher at the University of Giessen in Germany.

Larry I. Lipshultz, M.D., chief of the division of male reproductive medicine and a professor of urology at Baylor College of Medicine sazs that “Studies have shown that applied heat—like the heat from hot tubs or direct contact with heating pads—really can impair sperm production.”

By drawing moisture away from the skin and keeping your scrotum dry and cool, you may reduce the risk of overheating and compromising your sperm production.


No scientific studies have been done of course on whether M&S male underwear really statistically helps fertility. However, fertility is a “probability / numbers game” and in your quest to conceive this may just be another little thing to do to optimise your chances and help tip probabilities in your favour.

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  1. stephanie
    stephanie says:

    i have just read this website as i wanted to get some useful tips and information regarding male fertility for my fiance of 2 years. However i agree that too much heat can effect a man’s fertility count and the studies does show some good out comes , therefore well done to M & S for coming up with underwear for men that can help them whislt trying with their loved ones for a child. My only theory i have is that apart from the underwear why not have a link explaining that a healthy balanced diet of vitamins and a healthier life style with proffesional advice be avalible too? Or better still why not a role model for men and women to encourage a postive out out come. Asda offer IVF treat ment and men can now by underwer in store . LOL seriously what will be next bras for mums to improve our breast milk its simply a pot of luck trying to concieve and i wish all couples like myself the best in luck doing so


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