Masturbation Actually Improves Fertility

Why Do Men Love Masturbation? “It’s the Evolution, stupid!”


i_love_masturbatingMen of all cultures and races enjoy masturbation. From early teenage years, this is seen as a right of passage for many young males and in many instances, this same behavior will continue well into adulthood and beyond. There is no doubt that there is a psychological component behind this need as well as the physical pleasure itself.

There is now an evolutionary theory that might explain why men masturbate much more frequently than women.

In other terms terms, evolution might be your perfect “excuse”.

Orgasms are Not Caused by Genitals Alone

One of the first things that is interesting is that masturbation seems to be built into the male (and female) persona even before birth. Indeed, there are cases where a fetus will be seen to masturbate literally inside of the womb. Of course, no ejaculation will occur, but this raises an interesting question.

Is masturbation literally “hard wired” into the male brain as much as other instincts such as eating and drinking? In fact, it is also known that even paralysed individuals will still experience orgasm although their genitalia will have no feeling. These two findings seem to hint that masturbation is far more than a “self-serving” (no pun intended) act.


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Healthy Sperm?

Another interesting finding that ties directly into the need for regular male masturbation is the fact that after approximately one week without ejaculating, sperm tend to develop abnormalities. In sexual terms, it does not pay for a sperm to be a couch potato. This idea is promoted by a biomedical scientist named Dr. Roy Levine.

understand how masturbation increases male sperm qualityHe states that regular masturbation will help the body to replenish newer sperm; allowing for higher fertility rates during intercourse. Indeed, research in 2009 showed that one daily orgasm for one week (either through masturbation or sex) improves the overall quality of sperm on the 8th day compared to the traditional approach of three days abstinence1.

Maximising the quality of male sperm has important implications for couples attempting to conceive either naturally or via artificial insemination.

If we go back to the caveman days and the challenges early humans had to face, the value of masturbation to produce healthy offspring is indeed apparent. So, it is no real coincidence that other higher primates such as chimpanzees and gorillas are also seen to masturbate.

So, evolutionary advantages may indeed be much more than a mere “excuse” to have a bit of fun.


A Modern Twist

We should also note that an orgasm is an autonomic response. In other words, it is controlled by parts deep within the brain that also supervise such processes as breathing, heart rate and digestion. What does this mean for the eager male teenager? In essence, this response is very much instinctual. While many can control their desire to masturbate, the desire for an orgasm is much more subconscious.

So, male masturbation can be seen as a very useful evolutionary tactic that helped our species survive. Like many such traits (wisdom teeth or our appendix, for example), these evolutionary remnants or “Human Vestigiality” have not yet caught up with the needs of modern society.

Do men “love” to masturbate? The answer to this question is without a doubt. And we do now have the perfect excuse.


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Also men who have not yet taken a semen analysis test will benefit from supplementing micronutrients to ensure they are able to deliver high-quality semen. There are no contraindications or side effects to this form of natural ‘sperm boosting’.

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