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Sperm Motility – How Can It Be Boosted?

What is sperm motility? Sperm motility means sperm movement. It is a very important factor for male fertility.  Low sperm motility, which Doctors also call "asthenospermia" is therefore characterised by insufficient forward sperm movement. If…

Lycopene, tomatoes and male fertility

The rise of male infertility In 2015 Agarwal and collages published a review of global male fertility trends. The study was based on meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and population-based studies. Researchers estimate that across the world…

Causes of Male Infertility

  Research studies conducted since the mid 1990s have credibly shown that about a dozen common micro-nutrients can improve the quality of sperm dramatically. These nutrients include vitamins C and D, amino acids like L-carnitine…
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Is Bacon Bad for Male Fertility?

Reduced male fertility can be an emotional and exceedingly expensive problem, so any study that can shed some light on the matter is sure to be welcomed by the hundreds of thousands of childless couples who are desperate to lavish their time,…
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How Amino Acids Enhance Male Fertility

Male sub-fertility is a complex medical condition as fertility is based on a wide range of interdependent factors. There has been a steady decline in male fertility over the recent years. While there are many physiological characteristics associated…