male contraception

Male Contraception – Turning sperm ‘on’ and ‘off’

Could it be possible to switch off sperm flow to prevent unwanted pregnancy? German born carpenter Clemens Bimek believes it can be done and his device, the ‘Bimek SLV’, is set for clinical trials in 2016. Could this be the answer men…
Coconut oil uses

Coconut Oil Uses May Enhance Fertility

Coconut oil uses have been a popular news item recently. More people are rediscovering this natural plant extract and its associated health benefits. Furthermore, coconut oil is now being recognised for its fertility benefits. For several…

Learn How To Increase Male Fertility And Get Pregnant

Loading…  Male and female fertility levels are at historic lows and continue to fall. This has made conceiving a child a daunting process for many couples. Whether you are planning to conceive or already trying, thanks to ongoing research…