Perfect Timing: Top 6 Ovulation Tracking Tools

There are several fertility tools any couple can use, when trying to conceive.

They will all help to determine which days of the month will give the highest chance of conception.

There is only a very limited window each month when the woman is able to conceive (ovulation), so knowing your cycle will certainly help to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

While some women may find ovulation easy to predict, there are others who may have difficulty. The day of ovulation can vary slightly from month to month, so gadgets may come in useful to track the cycle.


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Woman Calendar App

period tracker appThe Woman Calendar App can be used to track information during the monthly cycle. The dates of ovulation, basal body temperature and dates of menstruation can all be recorded with this app.

It can also be used to record sexual activity. Notes can be entered every day regarding mood and weight, as well as any other symptoms.

The app can produce graphs and charts with the data, which can be printed out and emailed. This feature could be particularly useful for those who have been asked to track their cycle by a doctor or fertility specialist.

A few months of using the app and analysing the data may help you to establish your most fertile days, therefore increasing the chances of conception.


Optimus Basal Body Thermometer

During ovulation, there is a rise in body temperature. This change may be too small to feel, but a basal body thermometer can be used to detect it.

baby mad thermometerAs the basal body temperature is the lowest normal body temperature experienced, the thermometer should be used first thing in the morning, preferably immediately after waking up. To get the best results, your temperature should be taken at the same time each day.

A basic basal body thermometer, such as Baby Mad, is fairly inexpensive, but higher priced ones are available that have additional features. The basal body thermometers by Optimus include printout functions, storage of information for six cycles, and an alarm clock to ensure that you take your temperature at the same time each day.


Clearblue Ovulation Test

Another method of tracking ovulation is to use an ovulation test.

clearblue pregnancy testOvulation (the release of the egg – or “ovum” – from the ovarian follicle) is caused by the Luteinizing Hormone (or LH) in elevated quantities. Whilst during the menstrual cycle only a small amount of LH is made, in the middle of the cycle LH briefly and dramatically increases.

This increase is called the “LH surge” and immediately precedes ovulation. Conception is most likely to occur within thirty-six hours following this LH Surge.

There are several different methods to detect the LH Surge, i.e. the time of most likely ovulation. If the LH test is positive, the most fertile phase of the menstrual cycle has been detected.

The Clearblue Pregnancy Test can detect the rise in the LH hormone (“LH Surge”), which takes place 24 hours to 36 hours before ovulation.

Once the egg has been released, it only survives for 12 to 24 hours if it isn’t fertilised. Therefore, to increase the chances of conception, you should ideally have intercourse in the two days prior to ovulation.

The Clearblue ovulation tests are 99 per cent accurate in detecting the ovulation hormone.


Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Clearblue_fertility_monitorA fertility monitor can help the process of conception by tracking LH and oestrogen levels. This option is slightly more costly and for the more techy woman, who wants to track all available data her body produces on her computer. 

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is able to identify up to six fertile days each cycle, and can store six months of your cycle information.

This could help you to learn more about your cycle and fertility patterns.

The fertility monitor is computerised, with the option to upload information to your computer.



Ovulation Strips

20 ovulation stripsFor the more cost-conscious woman, a very cheap way to detect the LH Surge is to use ovulation strips.

These work by detecting the LH Hormone in a urine sample.

Although the Ovulation Strips are probably the cheapest way to detect the LH Surge, the directions must be followed very carefully for accurate results.



Observing Cervical Mucus

fertile cervical mucusFinally, the most natural and free method to track female fertility is to observe the viscosity of the cervical mucus. Becoming proficient in reading your mucus will allow you to track your ovulation with up to 95% accuracy! 

The state of this mucus changes during ovulation from normally thick, dense and sticky to wet, slippery and clear.

The function of the cervical mucus is to give the sperm a more friendly, slippery and nutritious environment to swim in and to reach the egg.

The difference is indeed startling  Highly fertile cervical mucus allows the sperm to swim up to 20 cm per hour allowing it to reach an egg in less than an hour under optimal conditions. If the cervical mucus is non-fertile outside the ovulation time window the sperm will not be able to move forward at all.    



These gadgets can all assist conception by tracking your most fertile days, but there are also other things that you can do to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Fertility supplements are available for both men and women. These usually come in the form of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements that increase fertility.

The UK market has on offer a range of male fertility supplements. All products differ significantly in terms of nutrients on offer and price. has carefully compared 10 of them in terms of value for money and nutrients provided.

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