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I was diagnosed with low sperm count and poor motility. helped me sort both out saving us thousands on a costly fertility treatment. 

We tried for seven months until we got everything right thanks to the information on your website. We now have a beautiful 4 months old boy. Thank you!

What you will learn on

You will find articles covering all aspects of Male Fertility:

Why male fertility is falling, men’s biological clock, how to actually measure male fertility (we will analyse your semen analysis results) and the many things you can do to increase it: different yoga poses and meditations, lifestyle choices, which 13 male fertility nutrients to focus on and how to choose a good male fertility supplement.

A good male fertility supplements can boost sperm count, sperm motility (its ability to swim in a straight line) and sperm morphology (shapes, expressed as %-normal forms) at the same time.

You should also study the process of sperm production, called spermatogenesis. It is very important to understand that sperm production takes three months from start to finish so sperm quality can fluctuate significantly on a monthly basis.

Of course, we cover lots of topics on Female Fertility. If you are already trying to conceive make sure you know why and how to pinpoint your ovulation date. You should study how age relates to female fertility, and how to increase female fertility. We cover the top current apps as well as common conditions like PCOS.

Our section on Couple Fertility are important for you as a couple: manage your expectations, natural fertility treatments, artificial fertilisation techniques, the top 5 fertility clinics in the UK and in the USA and how to come to terms with infertility.

We also have a large section on Fertility Preservation if you are either sick, haven’t yet found the right partner or are putting off having children to focus on your career. You can freeze your eggs (some critical things to keep in mind), freeze your sperm, freeze embryos, even freeze ovarian tissue or freeze testicular tissue for later use.

Finally, we have sections on the Latest Research, interesting products such as fertility tests for him at home, fertility education videos and even a fertility fun meme collection to lighten things up a bit.

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Learn to Interpret Semen Analysis

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