Improving Sperm Naturally: Top Male Fertility Supplements Reviewed

What you will learn

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Male Infertility Is Common!

Credible research has now established that male fertility is continuously falling1 and infertility is now caused by men in up to 60% of couples2. Consuming fertility enhancing supplements is therefore becoming an increasingly popular method to boost sperm quality for a variety of reasons:

Male Fertility Supplement Benefits

  1. Convenient, prescription-free and non-invasive
  2. Relatively inexpensive
  3. Based on natural nutrients, without side effects
  4. Effective after three months3
  5. Can increase sperm motility by up to 83%
  6. Can increase ejaculate volume by up to 33%
  7. Can increase sperm count by up to 215%4

Which Products Have We Tested?

We have tested 25 products, which are available on the UK high street or can be delivered to UK addresses. They are listed here in order of descending test scores. Please note that

  1. there is no upper limit to the scores as research-proven fertility nutrients can be provided in even higher quantities, and
  2. the pricing and composition of the various products changes continuously. The summary and comparison tables are therefore updated by the editorial team approximately every quarter.
Product Test Score
1. Fertilsan M by amitamin 110
2. Fertil M Pro by aminoexpert 98
3. FertilAid For Men by Fairhaven Health 95
4. Proceive Advanced Fertility Supplement 91
5. FertilMan Plus by Babystart 89
6. Advanced Fertility Support by Natural Health Practice 88
7. Orthomol Fertil Plus 85
8. Progeny M + Lycopene by Umay İlaç 83
9. Wellman Conception by Vitabiotics 78
10. Fertilovit M Plus by Gonadosan 75
11. Vitamen by Zita West 73
12. Fertility For Men by Viridian 72
13. Profertil 70
14. Fertilmas Male Fertility Supplement by Supplemena 68
15. Conception Support For Men by Solimo 66
16. Male Fertility Supplement by Coast Science 64
17. FertilMan by Babystart 62
18. Proxeed Plus 55
19. Conceive For Men by Fertility Smart 53
20. Fertilovit MT by Gonadosan 48
21. Bud Male Fertility Supplement 48
22. Fertimax 2 48
23. Fertilo Forte by Denk 47
24. Men’s Fertility Support by Conceive Plus 46
25. Fertility Plus Vitamin Complex by Earth’s Design 25

The detailed break down for our composition-against-value comparison for the top 10 products can be viewed by clicking on the image. You can download the entire comparison table as a .pdf file here.


What Makes a Good Male Fertility Supplement?

A good male fertility supplement provides the complete spectrum of nutrients, which are proven to be beneficial for male fertility – in terms of quantity, quality and cost.

Composition in the context of this review is defined as completeness in terms of the presence of the 12 “core” research-based male fertility nutrients. The 12 male fertility nutrients belong to three groups:

  1. Amino acids: L-carnitine, L-arginine, L-cysteine
  2. Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory agents: vitamin A, B9 (folic acid), D3, E, Glutathione, co-enzyme Q10 and pine bark extract
  3. Trace Elements: zinc and selenium

If any of these fertility nutrients were included in low quantities or left out altogether, points were lost on this subscore.

Click the button to read the science behind each male fertility nutrient


Nutrients must be taken together and continuously

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Some manufacturers include additional non-beneficial ingredients to differentiate their product and/or justify higher price points. These include Taurine, Maca root, Ginseng, Grapeseed extract, or Omega-3 fatty acids. Some of these nutrients are thought to promote motility (movement) or vitality of spermatozoa, but no formal research studies have been carried out to prove that these claims are correct.

Provided the male body is healthy and the above nutrients needed by the male body to ensure a normal level of motility are present, un-researched and unproven vitality boosters should be avoided in order to avoid any unforeseen side effects. Unless specifically indicated, the origin and quality of these non-core ingredients are obviously a concern.

As an example: Maca root, a Peruvian root extract, acts as a stimulant and is sometimes consumed as a substitute for coffee. It is also used in alternative hormone (estrogen) replacement therapy5 because of its effects on the body’s hormone balance. Its actual effect on sperm quality has in fact been proven unsuccessful in improving male fertility in three large studies6 7 8 against one small study, which has reported benefits9.

A product should cost little to the consumer whilst offering lots of high quality fertility nutrients. The Cost per Day has been calculated based on the cost of a 90-day supplement supply, because a male fertility supplement must be taken for a minimum of three months, the duration of the sperm maturation process (spermatogenesis) 10.

Ideally the products should be taken until a pregnancy is achieved. This will ensure that a steady stream of high quality sperm cells is produced by the testicles and stored in the epididymis.


The Best Natural Male Fertility Supplements

best UK male fertility supplement in the UK

Test Results

The 25 products we have tested were found to be vastly different in both composition and value for money, the two key success criteria.

Value for money is determined by the relationship between cost and quantity and quality of the nutrients. The price spectrum between the products is wide indeed with the cheapest costing £ 0.04 / € 0.05 (Conception Support For Men by Solimo) and the most expensive £ 3.94 / € 4.73 per day (Male Fertility Supplement by Coast Science), equivalent to a staggering price difference of 9,900%.

For a 12-month therapy, the total cost will therefore range between £ 14.60 / € 17.52 for Conception Support For Men by Solimo and £ 1,438.10 / € 1,725.72 for the Male Fertility Supplement by Coast Science. The Average Price per Day of the 24 products for a 90-day supply is £ 0.97 / € 1.16 and the Median Price is £ 0.76 / € 0.91. 

Please note that all costs are approximate and are subject to both exchange rate movements and price promotions.

It is important to understand the total cost of taking a male fertility supplement for a sensible amount of time such as the 12 month window of statistical fertility.

However, the financial cost of fertility food supplements is a minor factor considering

  1. the cost of supporting a child from birth through to University, estimated at several £ / € 100,000 11,
  2. the cost of alternative treatments such as IUI or IVF, which generally start at approximately £ 3,000 / € 3,400 upwards.

Keep in mind:

  • Nutrients are more important than price, because a couple should not waste precious “fertility time” with a slightly cheaper, but perhaps ineffective fertility supplement,
  • Couples under 35 are considered infertile only if they have not conceived naturally after 12 months. Only at this point should they seek professional help and look at further treatment options. If the female partner is over 35 she would benefit greatly from having regular discussions with her gynecologist and learning how to calculate her time of ovulation exactly and time the Baby-Making Sex (BMS) around this time window.

Based on a 12-month supplementation therapy, the cost of a male fertility supplements can therefore vary between £14 and £1400 (€16.80 and €1,680). This is equivalent to a staggering cost difference of 9,900% depending on the product.

Interestingly, the test found that neither the cheapest nor most expensive product scored well overall, because of their poor nutrient stacks. Surprisingly, they actually ranked right next to each other in our scoring table and only had a difference of 2 points between them.

So it is definitely more important to consider the nutrients in a product rather than its price. 

3rd Place Product

3rd place for FertilAid for Men by Fairhaven Health. Click to buy.

FertilAid For Men by Fairhaven Health scores 95 points and comes 3rd in the overall test. It has similar nutrient dosages to the top two products across many groups. It also contains the highest levels of magnesium, copper and chromium across all the products in the comparison.

However it loses points because, unlike the top two products, it does not contain the important fertility vitamin, arginine. It is also missing nutrients such as N-acetyl-cysteine and pine bark extract.

It is also important to note than it is not manufactured in Europe and therefore does not need to comply with the manufacturing and marketing directives of the European Union.

2nd Place Product

Fertil M Pro by aminoexpert scores 98 points. It is manufactured in Germany.

aminoexpert fertil m pro

2nd place: Fertil M Pro. Similar to Fertilsan M, but with less nutrient quantities

It has a similar nutrient stack to the winning product Fertilsan M, but the nutrient quantities are slightly lower, which would explain why it is cheaper. Fertil M Pro contains 200mg less carnitine per day than Fertilsan M, and its carnitine is not Carnipure™ quality.

It also provides 400 µg less folic acid, 60mg less arginine, 2.6mg less vitamin A, 60mg less vitamin E and 25 mg less zinc per day compared to Fertilsan M. However Fertil M Pro contains the highest level of vitamin C of all the products in the comparison, and it is good value for all the nutrients it includes.

Fertil M Pro can only be purchased in Euros. 90 days normally cost €73.50 or €0.82 per day. Depending on the currency exchange rate this works out as approximately £61.25 over 90 days or £0.68 per day. Delivery is free across Europe.


The Winner

best fertility booster for men

The Winner! Click to buy Fertilsan M from amitamin here.

Fertilsan M by amitamin is the top male fertility supplement on the market with a total score of 110 points. It was found to have the most zinc (40mg), the highest dose of the super-antioxidant pine bark extract (100mg) and the highest dosage of the amino acid arginine (500 mg).

Like Fertil M Pro, it is also Made in Germany and contains high quantities of folic acid (800µg) and carnitine (500 mg), which is in the high quality form called Carnipure™.

At £0.89 (€1.06) per day over a 90-day period, Fertilsan M by amitamin delivers the overall most comprehensive stack of proven male fertility nutrients at much better value than all other products. It includes almost all the important male fertility nutrients in a larger overall quantity and quality at a relatively low cost.

This makes it the most likely product to increase all key male fertility parameters semen volume, sperm count, motility and morphology, at a below average price. Fertilsan M is also registered, manufactured and regulated in Germany under the terms of the official central pharmaceutical database.  

Carnipure™  is a form of carnitine which is of the purest pharmaceutical grade. It is patented and manufactured by Lonza in Switzerland, and only a handful of products on the market contain Carnipure™.

The following six supplements in our comparison contain Carnipure™:

  • Fertilsan M by amitamin
  • Fertil M Pro by aminoexpert
  • Progeny M + Lycopene by Umay İlaç
  • FertilMan Plus by Babystart
  • Fertilmas Male Fertility Supplement by Supplemena
  • FertilMan by Babystart

All other manufacturers which include carnitine in their blends use a lower grade.

18 out of the 25 products tested are priced at less then £1 per day over a 90-day period.

4th Place for Proceive Advanced Fertility Suppplement. Click to buy.

Due to their low cost, however, many of these products lack sufficient dosages or variety of the larger volume nutrients arginine and carnitine. Again, it is important to note here that cost is less important than price – a couple must not waste precious time with a slightly cheaper and likely inferior product.

Proceive Advanced Fertility Supplement scored 91 points and was awarded 4th place in our comparison as it has an excellent and varied combination of nutrients. It contains the highest level of many compounds in the test including N-acetyl-cysteine, thiamine (vitamin B1), vitamin K, pantothenic acid and selenium. However it loses points because some key nutrients are not included in high enough doses. This includes the important amino acids arginine and carnitine, which are present in higher amounts in the top three products. For this reason Proceive is cheaper than the top three products, but it is still excellent value for money given its composition of nutrients.

5th place: FertilMan Plus by Babystart. Click to buy.

FertilMan Plus by Babystart scored 89 points in 5th place. This product contains a very high amount of carnitine (1200 mg), and as an added bonus this is in the high quality form called Carnipure™.

It also contains more coenzyme Q10 than the higher ranked products. But FertilMan Plus loses points because it is missing key nutrients including N-acetyl-cysteine. FertilMan Plus also contains lower quantities of arginine and vitamins C and E than the higher ranked supplements.

This is surprising as out of the top five supplements in our test, FertilMan Plus is the most expensive.    

6th place for Advanced Fertility Support by Natural Health Practice. Click to buy.

    Advanced Fertility Support by Natural Health Practice came just 1 point behind FertilMan Plus with 88 points in 6th place. It contains a similar blend of nutrients to FertilMan Plus, with a good combination of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

Advanced Fertility Support also contains the highest amounts of coenzyme Q10, vitamins E, B5 and B6 and manganese out of all the products in the comparison. But it loses points as it contains far less carnitine that FertilMan Plus, and this is not in the high quality form Carnipure.      

Orthomol Fertil Plus scores 85 points in 7th place. It is the only product in the test which includes EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. Perhaps this partially justifies its high price, which is one of the most expensive in the test. However, the link between omega-3 acids and male fertility is not conclusively proven12.

Additionally it is important to note that the amount of omega-3 in Orthomol Fertil Plus is low, compared with the dosage available in separate omega-3 supplements. Orthomol Fertil Plus also loses points because its nutrient profile is incomplete with many key amino acids, vitamins and trace elements missing including arginine and B vitamins. It is also 60% more expensive than Fertilsan M by amitamin, which has a more comprehensive profile of nutrients.

Progeny M + Lycopene by Umay İlaç scores 83 points in 8th place. It includes the same quantities of arginine and carnitine as the 1st place product, Fertilsan M. Furthermore it contains carnitine in the high quality form, Carnipure, and it contains the highest amounts of arginine and coenzyme Q10 out of all of the products in the test.

However Progeny M + Lycopene is missing a number of key nutrients such as N-acetyl-cysteine, and it contains lower quantities of many ingredients such as vitamin C compared to other products in the test.

8th place: Wellman Conception by Vitabiotics. Click to buy.

Wellman Conception by Vitabiotics scores 78 points for 9th place. This supplement has a good composition of nutrients and it is the only product in the comparison which contains inositol. However Wellman Conception loses points because many of its nutrients are in low dosages, especially trace elements and antioxidants.

But its price is one of the lowest in the comparison at €0.30 / £0.25 per day over 90 days, making it excellent value for money.

Fertilovit M Plus by Gonadosan scores 75 points in 10th place. It contains the highest amount of the amino acid citrulline of all the products in the test. It also includes a good amount of folic acid and glutathione compared to similarly ranked products.

However Fertilovit M Plus loses points because its nutrient profile is incomplete. It does not contain any arginine, and it is missing many vitamins. This is disappointing as it is one of the most expensive products in the comparison.

Vitamen by Zita West scores 73 points in 11th place and it contains many nutrients in reasonable quantities. However Vitamen loses points because the amounts of key components are too small, such as carnitine.

Furthermore its vitamin, antioxidant, amino acid and trace element profiles are all incomplete, with many important components missing including N-acetylcysteine, vitamin A, and B vitamins. It has a high level of taurine, but this does not benefit male fertility and in fact is thought to adversely affect it 13.

11th place: Fertility For Men by Viridian. Click to buy.

Fertility For Men by Viridian scores 72 points in 12th place. It has a very similar composition of nutrients to Vitamen by Zita West but without vitamin B6 or taurine. The product also has lower amounts of key components including folic acid (only 200 μg) and arginine. Fertility For Men has an incomplete nutrient profile, but it is cheaper than Vitamen and many of its competitors at only €0.40 / £0.33 per day for 90 days. This makes it good value for the nutrients included.

Profertil scores 70 points in 13th place. It has fewer nutrients than many other supplements on the market, but it also contains higher doses. Profertil contains the highest amount of glutathione out of the products in the test, as well as excellent amounts of folic acid (800 μg) and carnitine (440mg).

But Profertil is missing a number of important nutrients including vitamin C and minerals. This is not justified by its high price, which is the 4th most expensive in the test at €2.05 / £1.71 per day over 90 days.

Fertilmas Male Fertility Supplement by Supplemena scores 68 points in 14th place. It has a similar nutrient profile to Profertil but with some additional vitamins. It also contains good amounts of folic acid and carnitine, which is present in the form of Carnipure™.

However the supplement loses points because some core nutrients are present in small quantities such as vitamin E, and its nutrient profile is incomplete. This does not reflect its price being the 3rd most expensive product in the test at €2.20 / £1.83 per day over 90 days.

The cheapest product on the market is at 14th place: Conception Support For Men by Solimo. Click to buy.

Conception Support For Men by Solimo scores 66 points in 15th place. This is the cheapest product in the comparison at only €0.05 / £0.04 per day over 90 days. This is because each pack contains 240 tablets and only 1 tablet is needed per day.

Given it’s extremely low price, Conception Support For Men contains a good combination of nutrients especially vitamins. But it loses points because it has an incomplete amino acid profile and low levels of key components such as folic acid.

It also includes several ingredients which are not clinically proven to improve semen quality. However the product is still very good value for money.

Male Fertility Supplement by Coast Science scores 64 points at 16th place. This is the most expensive product in the test at €4.73 / £3.94 per day over 90 days, which is over 4 times the price of Fertilsan M by amitamin. This is because this supplement contains the highest level of folate in the test (999 μg).

Furthermore this is in the form of Quatrefolic, which has better bioavailability. However this product loses points because many nutrients are missing altogether, or their amounts are not clearly labelled as they are part of a ‘proprietary blend’.

FertilMan by Babystart scores 62 points in 17th place. It has a good range of nutrients and contains carnitine in the form of Carnipure™. However the amounts of key nutrients such as arginine and carnitine are too low, and many antioxidants are missing altogether. It also includes several ingredients which are not clinically proven to improve semen quality. FertilMan is the 3rd cheapest product but it is missing many key components.

Proxeed Plus scores 55 points in 18th place. It contains the highest amount of carnitine in the test but this is not in the form of Carnipure™. It also has an incomplete profile of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. This is not reflected by its price being the second most expensive product in the test.

Conceive For Men by Fertility Smart scores 53 points in 19th place. It contains good amounts of folic acid, vitamin E and selenium compared to similarly ranked products. However it loses points because many key nutrients are present in low doses, and it is missing important vitamins (such as B vitamins) and trace elements.

Fertilovit MT by Gonadosan, Bud Male Fertility Supplement and Fertimax 2 all score 48 points based on their nutrients. Here they are ranked by price and they cost £0.43 (€0.52), £0.74 (€0.89) and £0.78 (€0.94) respectively per day over 90 days. Fertilovit MT by Gonadosan scores 48 points in 20th place. This is because it contains low quantities of key ingredients such as folic acid (only 200 μg) and it has an incomplete profile of important nutrients.

Bud Male Fertility Supplement scores 48 points in 21st place. It contains the highest level of vitamin B12 in the test and it has a similar composition to Fertilovit MT. But Bud Male Fertility Supplement loses points because it has an incomplete profile of key nutrients, and it contains ingredients which have limited scientific evidence supporting their use.

Fertimax 2 scores 48 points in 22nd place. It contains a good amount of carnitine (400 mg) but it has an incomplete profile of other ingredients including amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Fertimax 2 also has low levels of important nutrients including folic acid.

Fertilo Forte by Denk scores 47 points in 23rd place. It has a similar composition to Fertimax 2 with good amounts of carnitine and arginine compared to similarly ranked products. However it has an incomplete profile of vitamins and other nutrients.

Men’s Fertility Support by Conceive Plus scores 46 points in 24th place. Many nutrients are missing or present in amounts which are too low. Additionally the labelling of ingredients is unclear as many are included in a ‘proprietary blend’.

Fertility Plus Vitamin Complex by Earth’s Design scores 25 points in 25th place. This is the second cheapest product in the test. However it is missing many key nutrients especially amino acids.


All the top 3 products Fertilsan M, Fertil M Pro and FertilAid For Men require three capsules per day. This allows them to physically supply larger quantities of the required fertility nutrients. If you have any questions, thoughts or experience with any of the products please post them in the comments section below.

Final Thoughts

it is important to relax when trying for a babyAssuming that you are doing your best to be fit, healthy and fertile, don’t put yourself under psychological pressure if you haven’t conceived yet. You will need to have been trying for 12 months to be statistically considered as a couple with problems to conceive.

Although the jury is still out as to whether emotional stress actually has an impact on your fertility 14, don’t forget that it is a numbers game – it all comes down to probabilities.

Even if you are doing everything you can to maximise your chances, there will always be a small chance that you may not conceive this month.. and you will simply try again next month. Always keep in mind that 85% of couples get pregnant naturally within 12 months.

So, simply try to smile, be positive and confident that you are doing everything you can. Try to actually enjoy this time with your partner (read the nice advice here)

Chances are that the universe will reward it.


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203 replies
  1. Dr. Jones
    Dr. Jones says:

    Dear Ronald, to the best of our knowledge the test winner amitamin fertilsan M is available for mail order in the UK, but not in pharmacies. All the products in the test are available over-the-counter (i.e. without prescription) so you can buy them directly on the manufacturers’ websites or their intermediaries. Here are the links for the top five products:

    1. Winner: fertilsan M by amitamin

    2. First runner-up: aminoexpert fertil M PRO

    3. Second runner-up: orthomol fertil plus

    The cost of treatment is determined by the number of days you take a male fertility supplement. fertilsan M costs on average £1 / day over 90 days. Three months is the minimum duration for the treatment, because sperm cells take approximately 11 weeks to reach maturity.

    There are no known side effects so you can take the supplement until your partner gets pregnant. Couples are statistically fertile until they fail to conceive naturally within 12 months. Please note that 85% of couples do so.

    Only after 12 months should a couple consider costly and invasive fertility treatment at a clinic depending on their family planning timeframes.

  2. MR
    MR says:

    Thanks for this comparison! We have previously been buying the Wellman Conception vitamins and supplementing with other vitamins but I may switch to the Fertilsan M when I order next time.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear MR, amitamin fertilsan M is the superior product, because 8 out of 10 key male fertility nutrients are dosed between 2 and 50 times higher.

      Don’t waste your precious family-planning time with a poor product just to save 50 pence per day.

  3. Gilbert B.
    Gilbert B. says:

    Very helpful indeed! I was slightly wary about the shopping experience when buying something from overseas. But amitamin and UPS did a good job. I ordered Fertilsan M and UPS delivered it just three days later. Great job! Cheers, Gilbert

  4. Scarlet B.
    Scarlet B. says:

    How about Profertil?Its made in Germany and from what I read it has the ingredients mentioned above(8 in total). I read about it here My husband’s urologist recommended it recommended it. Does anybody know it/tried it?

    Thnaks in advance.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Scarlet, Profertil is joint third in the test. It is a good product, because it includes lots of Carnitine, folic acid and vitamin E. However, its Arginine dose is low, it lacks the important fertility vitamins A, C and D3 and it costs 40% more than the top product amitamin fertilsan M although it has an inferior nutrient stack.

  5. joseph schembri
    joseph schembri says:

    can you please tell me if I could have something to improve my sperm, my partner has got pregnant three times in 22 months

  6. Marius
    Marius says:

    This is an interesting site. Thank you for the information provided. This information is very useful for us because we are importing fertility products to our countries. And now we can see which product is the best for fertility. Can I as you to share the documentation of this study? In which laboratory did you do this study? It would help for us to talk with our current and future partners, as well to help people to chose what to take in order to handle infertility.

    Once more thnx



  7. Teena
    Teena says:

    Hi… we live in Australia and would really like to buy the Fertilsan M but unable to… is there anywhere else we can purchase this product 🙁

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Chukwumah, We are not able to provide you with a specific assessment of combination treatments and strongly recommend you discuss this matter with your GP or similar qualified professional such as a fertility specialist.

  8. Rafael
    Rafael says:

    I did a semen analysis last June, which showed I had a low sperm count. The fertility clinic tried to upsell us into IUI treatment, but I found fertilsan M on this site. I decided to give it 6 months and see how we get on. We followed all your advice, timed our BMS properly around ovulation and we got a positive test in May!! Thank you menfertility! You have saved us at least £4K, which we can spend on our child now. 🙂

  9. Duncan
    Duncan says:

    It has worked!! My missus and I took the amitamin vitamins for five months and were about to re-order when she comes out of the bathroom with a positive test!! We had been TTC for over a year until we finally figured out the timing for BMS around her ovulation. 12-week scan is looking good. Very happy!! Fingers crossed!! I Also, just bought more fertil F for her. Ha! 🙂

  10. zoe
    zoe says:

    Hello Dr Jones ,
    my partner has been diagnosed with non Obstructive Azoospermia, can you tell me if fertilsan-m would help my partner with his sperm count. The first semen test showed Azoospermia then after the three months another test was done along with blood test which showed a few sperm and raised Fsh levels. We was told we need icis treatment to conceive but money is a problem so if we could conceive naturally that would be great. I didn’t want to buy them and they won’t help? Ive read the reviews on this product but wanted your advice. Thank you so much for the website alot of helpful information.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Zoe, The male fertility supplements we have tested are based on research, which has shown that supplying various nutrients via the diet can increase the amount of sperm produced in the testes. If the mechanical process of ejaculation works properly, they can therefore improve the quality and quantity of sperm in the ejaculate. The food supplements will not help, however, if your partner has physical blockages in his ductal system, which cause problems with ejaculation.

  11. Marc
    Marc says: doctor told me that i have a low sperm count due to Varicocele, an enlargement of the veins within the scrotum..should i have a surgery? or try your supplement? please help me…tnx

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Marc, unfortunately we cannot advise you on this. If you are an aspiring father please discuss your options with your family doctor or local fertility specialist.

  12. moses onoja
    moses onoja says:

    I was recently diagnosed with poor sperm count (7% life). The specialist recommended ivf even though he placed me on FertilAid for 3 months. We ve been married for 5yrs now. Can i buy fertilsan instead and try it for 3 months, Can my wife take the Fetilsan with me and if not is there female version of the supplement? Thanks, you are doing a nice job

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Moses, Remember that a semen analysis is only a snapshot of you sperm quality on the day and may be dramatically different after 4 weeks. To have a valid diagnosis you will therefore need to have at least two semen analyses conducted 8 – 12 weeks apart. Your specialist would have put you on a 3-month food supplement course to prepare you for the IVF sperm donation. It takes three months for sperm cells to mature so start taking a supplement immediately. Our team run an independent site so which product you choose is your decision. Your wife should take a dedicated female fertility food supplement, which includes different nutrients. amitamin, FertilAid and Fertilovit all have optimised products for women, called amitamin fertil F, FertilAid for Women and Fertilovit F respectively. Please do your own research.

  13. Ledina
    Ledina says:

    Hello, i would like to thank you for the information given, and ask you if you can help us with the information of a place where we can buy this products that also ships them to albania , Thank you

  14. Bob Marcolini
    Bob Marcolini says:

    I just wanted to check information contained in your review. Your last sentence in the review part says that “Interestingly, no product in the test included pine bark extract.” however, one of the key stated benefits of fertilsan M is its high pine bark extract level. Is this just a mistake in your text or are you distinguishing all of the other products from fertilsan M?

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Thanks for pointing this out Bob. The editor missed this after fertilsan m was relaunched with Pine bark Extract in 2014. It has now been corrected.

      • John
        John says:

        Dear Dr jones ,
        I guess my case is serious one and i really need your advice and suggestion and the best product to take..went for test and i was told that all my sperm are dead…plss what shld do?

        • Dr. Jones
          Dr. Jones says:

          Dear John, if you have necrospermia (few or no living sperm cells) that is most likely due to a blockage or infection. Food supplements will therefore not be able to help much. I suggest you discuss this with your physician, urologist / andrologist or local fertility specialist. Best of luck!

  15. Kae
    Kae says:

    Hello Dr Jones, my Dh has been diagnose with low sperm count abt 12mil and 5%motility. His been on Fertilaid for mos. now but we cant be pregnant. Ive read your products review and wanted to try fertilsan M instead of fertilaid, but we are frm the Phil.

  16. hmz
    hmz says:

    Dear Dr. Jones,
    I had 2 semen test previously and found that my sperm count was good, but the motility ratio was bad (15% sluggish and 85% dead). Please I need your advice on this product.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear hmz, the micronutrients vitamin C, L-carnitine, selenium and vitamin D have all been shown to improve sperm motility – so make sure you consume these (read up on this by searching for “motility” using the search function on the homepage) . Also make sure that you take nutrients, which improve your count and morphology, because these parameters fluctuate on a weekly basis and you want to ensure you maximise your Total Motile Sperm (TMS) count at the time your partner ovulates. The most cost effective product, which includes all the male fertility nutrients is fertilsan m.
      I am happy that you are well your on your fertility journey. You have had two semen analyses and have thus been able to identify the weak link in your “fertility chain”. Good luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear clarence, you order the products either from the manufacturers’ websites, online pharmacies or amazon. I see you are based in Iceland so do make sure that they deliver there. In fact, I just checked for you and saw that amitamin do deliver to Iceland. This is the link: Unfortunately I don’t think that Orthomol fertil plus deliver there themselves, but perhaps via an online pharmacy. For fertilaid you may be able to get delivery via amazon. Good luck!

  17. ahsi
    ahsi says:

    Hi Dr.
    We are planning to conceive, do you recommend to start supplements? I didn’t do any analysis before.
    I understood that it takes 3 months to be effective, will it be wise to start the supplements right now and if nothing happened within 3 months to do the analysis?

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear ahsi, no – if you start taking a male fertility food supplement of your choice today your sperm quality will increase in three months time. This is how long the production process takes. To be able to measure the effectiveness of the fertility supplement, you can do a “before” (i.e. now) and “after” (i.e. in three months time) semen analysis.

  18. Mary
    Mary says:

    My partner and I have been trying for over 1 and still are unable to conceive. We were interested in buying some natural supplements to see if they would work but we’re looking for a more aggressive, effective, and safe approach.

  19. Ahmed Suhail
    Ahmed Suhail says:

    Dear Dr. Jones,
    Many thanks for your kind help.
    I have been married for ten years now and do not have children. I took many medicines but all have not been useful. I used Proxeed plus for months and was not useful either. My wife has no fertility problems. My motility is below 50%. I would like to know if I take feritlsan m, can me and my wife have sexual inter course on regular basis or we can have periodically. Plz advise.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Ahmed, I am sorry to hear it has been such a long journey for you. But do not give up: less than 50% motility is not necessarily sub-optimal, because the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines state a minimum “progressive motility”, i.e. grade a+b motility (meaning progressive forward movement) of 32%. Please note that this assumes that your other parameters are normal, because this should be equivalent to a minimum of 4.8 million moving sperm cells/ml (minimum WHO requirement sperm count of 15 million per ml x 32%). Please refer to this article on how to read a semen analysis. If your morphology is above 4% normal forms your fertility should be fine. Do make sure you take some sort of pine bark extract, which has been shown to help with idiopathic (unexplained) infertility.

      My advice is to take the best male fertility supplement you can buy. Note that you must take it for a minimum of 3-4 months and continue until conception. Adopt the healthiest lifestyle you possibly can (including yoga, please read here why) and use a combination of these ovulation-tracking tools to precisely time your sexual intercourse around her day of ovulation: have sex the night before she is due to ovulate (you, the male, should have abstained for 3 days), again in the morning AND the night of your wife’s ovulation day, and a fourth time more in the morning after her ovulation. I hope this makes sense. Good luck!

      • John
        John says:

        Hi dr jones. Im ferry and working at the vessel here in uk. I would like to buy fertilsan M. Can i this outside the city or in the pharmacy or if not how can i order. Many thanks.

        • Dr. Jones
          Dr. Jones says:

          Dear John, the supplements we reviewed are available in selected (i.e. “some”) high street stores and pharmacies. However, to save time we suggest you order them online from the manufacturers or intermediaries such as online pharmacies. Kind regards

      • Ben
        Ben says:

        Hi Doctor,

        As above, you have advised having sex four times around ovulation period. Would it not reduce sperm count and quality by having frequent sex around that time? To my understanding having intercourse again within three or four days is not good to conceive. Can you please advise.
        Thanks in advance

        • Dr. Jones
          Dr. Jones says:

          Dear Ben, please refer to this article for the research – Accordingly, you could have daily intercourse / ejaculation from the 10th day leading up to the 3rd day before predicted ovulation and then have a 3 or 4 day (not more) abstinence until the day before ovulation day to temporarily spike semen volume. This requires careful planning, however, and there are no hard statistics on this particular strategy. You certainly want to have daily intercourse around the day of ovulation to ensure that plenty of sperm cells are present in the uterus during the female’s short fertility window (max 36 hours after the LH surge). Best of luck TTC!

  20. Jacob Acheampong
    Jacob Acheampong says:

    please Doc ,am from Ghana went to do semen analysis and i was dignose with low sperm count but have taking in so many medicine but proven fatile,how am i going get fertilsan m in Ghana

  21. ahmad
    ahmad says:

    Dear John,
    Below is my SA take a week ago,
    Quantity : 0.5 ml
    Ph: 7.5
    Total Sperm count : 48mill/ml
    Live count: 30mill/ml
    sperm per ejaculate: 24 mill

    Percentage Motility sperm: 63%
    Rapid linear progression: 00 %
    Slow/non linear Progression: 55%
    Non progressive: 45%

    Sperm Morphology normal: 10%

    Kindly advise which fertility supplement i can use .\

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Ahmad, Your readings are good except for the rapid linear progression. There are many micro nutrients which have been clinically shown successful in improving sperm motility. These include L-Carnitine, L-arginine, zinc, selenium, pine bark extract, omega-3 fat acids, glutathione and coenzyme Q10. We recommend buying these supplements in combination rather than individually to get a maximum synergy effect: Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the more effective fertility nutrients you provide for your body, the better your overall fertility and thus probability to successfully father a child.

      We strongly suggest to (1) repeat the semen analysis after 2-3 weeks to reduce the chance of outliers (in other words to “confirm low rapid linear progression”) and to (2) discuss this matter with your personal doctor and/or fertility specialist to ensure an optimal course of treatment. Best of luck!

  22. Sao
    Sao says:

    my husband sperm count is 35 and motility is 2.9%. we being married for 10years no child. Is Fertilsan M recommended to used.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Sao, his count is good, but his motility is poor (it is also classified into sub-categories 1. Straight moving, 2. Zig-zag moving, 3. Vibrating, 4. Non-motile) and for a complete semen analysis you are missing several other parameters. We recommend buying the best male fertility supplement you can afford, but importantly combine this with implementing healthy changes to his lifestyle including a healthy, whole food diet (see our recipes), no smoking, no alcohol and regular exercise. Good luck!

  23. Kenneth
    Kenneth says:

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us free of charge, I started taking another reproductive supplement 5 days ago, is it possible that i can switch to Fertilisan M or do you advise that i should finish my current supplement and if it doesnt yield result i can change to Ferlisan M. Please advise.

    Please i also need to know if Ferlisan M doesnt give any side effect because i wonder why it has higher nutrients and cheaper plus why others refuse to consist up to level of it’s nutrients.

    Thank you

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Kenneth, you can switch anytime – the goal is to ensure you match the optimal nutrient intake *as soon as possible* so your body can produce high quality sperm cells. Remember, sperm production takes three months, so if you start taking the nutrients today, your fertility will actually improve in three months from now – so do start as soon as possible. In terms of fertility nutrient side effects: to our knowledge none have ever been observed at the recommended dosages. However, once again – discuss this with your doctor, because only he/she can give you qualified, conclusive advice. I am unable to advise you on why fertilsan appears to offer better value for money. These are decisions taken by the manufacturers. I sincerely hope this helps. Good luck!

  24. liat
    liat says:

    hi dr jones me and my husband have been trying to get pregnat for a year now he did a seman analysis and it was not good he has 27 in count and 67 in motility and 28.6 in movment and 0 normal and 100 in the morphology with the head i realy want a baby what can we do plz

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear liat, the information you have provided is inconclusive. If your partner has “0% normal forms” I strongly recommend you go and see a doctor for a referral to a urologist or fertility specialist. Good luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Tanveer, I have no idea I am afraid. If the manufacturer does not deliver there you could buy the nutrients separately or contact a local courier. Good luck!

  25. Dr.Faisal Ansari
    Dr.Faisal Ansari says:

    Dear Dr.Jones, I have used Capsule Profertil for two months for my infertility problem of necrozoospermia with 0% sperm motility but unfortunately i stopped taking the drug because it made my life miserable by causing progressive generalised irritation, numbness,tingling & pricking sensations to my whole body i.e. typical paresthesias which i am suffering for the last three months.Dr.Jones i want to know which ingredient of this drug causing me this nasty problem. Have you got any experience about these sideeffects from any of your patients. please let me know because i am now become totally crippled.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Dr. Ansari, we are quite certain that your health problems are not linked to the intake of Profertil or similar male fertility products. They contain only natural micro nutrients, which have been extracted from foods and have no observable side-effects.

      Your symptoms are therefore most likely caused by something else and it´s just by coincidence that you are also taking the fertility supplement. Only a fully qualified medical doctor will be able to provide you with a conclusive diagnosis.

      Finally, food supplements is not suited for the effective treatment of necrozoospermia, because it may be caused by any of the 26 issues outlined in this article. We therefore strongly suggest you see your nearest GP/Physician at your earliest convenience. Good luck!

  26. ch.F
    ch.F says:

    Dear Dr Jones,

    I am living in Qatar and I have fertility problem my sperm count is 34mil/ml and volume is 0.5ml and motility is 5% and I am taking different medicines for last two years but still no progress.I checked that I cannot buy fertilsan M also because they are not supplying out of eurpion countries because of high spenditure. Kindly advise what I have to do.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear ch.F, the information you have provided is incomplete and therefore conclusive. However, from what you have provided your sperm volume is very low (normal is 2ml+) whilst your motility and sperm count are within normal WHO parameters. The amino acid L-arginine is known to positively affect semen volume so you can either buy an arginine-only supplement, better buy a combination supplement like the ones we have reviewed on this page. If the manufacturer of fertilsan does not deliver directly to your country you could search / google for regional distributors, buy each nutrient via individual supplements or contact a courier in Europe who will forward a shipment on to you. Good luck!

  27. mayudinkhan
    mayudinkhan says:

    Hello sir my merry lest 7 years but I have no son &doghter please me bestbest teblets my Spem Count Encrages and I hope for my god nice day my Wife SSO plz helpful Teblets advise for me my Contact no. 99787 48990 plz coll me

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear mayudinkhan, I am neither allowed nor able to complete a diagnosis remotely. I strongly suggest you see your General Physician / GP as soon as possible in order to get a referral to a reproductive health specialist. Good luck!

  28. Olga
    Olga says:

    My niece, 38, married 7 years, had 2 pregnancies: one finished with miscarriages in 6/7 weeks, the second – in 23 weeks for low placental.
    She was diagnosed: Hypoplasia of endometrium.
    What is it? And what and where can we do with it?

    Thank you

  29. GK
    GK says:

    In October 2015 I was horrified to discover my sperm had 0% morphology while the other counts were acceptable if not spectacular.

    It was clear that the clinic would love to get me on an expensive solution, but I first decided to research online, and as a result took three courses of action:

    1. I stopped steaming and saunas
    2. I stopped wearing underwear to bed
    3. I took Fertilsan three times per day


    It turns out we had conceived totally naturally within 10-weeks of my starting the Fertilsan! The day before we realized, I’d taken my second sperm test at the 12-week mark from the initial test. The results were phenomenal. Within that space of time my morphology had risen to 11% … from zero just 12 weeks before! My other counts had also improved significantly … to that of a 21-year old … bear in mind I’m 45!

    Here are the important before-and-after figures in just 12-weeks:

    Total Motility: From 60 to 67
    Progressive: From 48 to 57

    Vitality: From >60 to >67

    Count mill/ml: From 38 to 112
    Count mill: From 129 to 448

    Morphology: From 0% to 11%

    These are pretty extraordinary changes – especially the count/mill and morphology – and there is no doubt in my mind that Fertilsan played the key role.

    Do the research before those clinics rope you into their expensive treatments. Fertilsan may appear to be expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than the clinical merry-go-round.

    I will post in other forums and hope this helps others as previous reviews have helped us.

  30. badr
    badr says:

    i am using fertilsan m for over 9 months, it did help in sperm quantity but i still have 15% motility and 75 % deformed
    10 % sluggishly motil. i am taking three capsules a day in one i hhave to take three capsule a day separately?
    Thank you

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Good to hear that you were able to realize improvements. We do not believe that it makes a difference taking three capsules at once per day or split into three daily intakes. Keep on living healthy, relax and press thumbs!

  31. Iver
    Iver says:

    Thanks for the information. Most readers are interested to know where there can access the drug especially those from oversea countries. You may do well in providing this information.
    I live in Nigeria, Central part, I would to know where I can access these supplements . Thanks.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Iver, we are not affiliated with any fertility product or clinic. Kindly contact the manufacturers directly. Good luck!

        • Dr. Jones
          Dr. Jones says:

          Dear Rasalingam, if you can provide your entire semen analysis report I can provide you with an analysis. Yes, CoQ-10 has been shown to improve motility (read more on this page). However, Carnitine, vitamin C + D + E are particularly effective in improving motility. We will shortly publish an article on this on our site. You therefore need to make sure you you increase the quantity of these nutrients in your diet. The most convenient & economic way to do this is with a male fertility combination supplement. Best of luck!

  32. Mubashir Khurshid
    Mubashir Khurshid says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am married since 1.5 years and been trying for a baby since one year. I have done all tests and my wife is suffering from PCOS while I have low sperm count, done 3 tests and it came below 2 million/ml. I am having just low testosterone level and my endocrinologist mentioned not to take testosterone medicine, as it would drop sperm count. I really look forward going for medication as don’t want to spend monies on IVF/ISCI treatments at this stage. I am 28 years and my wife is 24.

    I have taken fertilaid and count boost since 2 months and then I recently started herbal medicine, which contains WITHANA SOMNIFERA, DAMIANA, CALTROPS, CURCULIGO ORCLOIDES since one month.

  33. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    I am from South Africa Johannesburg can i buy the fertilsan m here or how can i if not posible?
    Pls advice thank u.
    Best regards

  34. Gaurav
    Gaurav says:


    Is it recommended for sperm count less than 1 million as my husband is going through oligoastheospermia and have low sperm count and motility. Tried another product but no use. Please advice

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Gaurav, I would only use a fertility supplement if you have definitely excluded any medical problems such as varicoceles or sperm transport obstructions within your reproductive system. You might want to consider a supplement is you are preparing for ICSI treatment. Best of luck!

  35. Yassim
    Yassim says:

    Dr Jones,thank you for the work.
    I am Yassim 27years from Chzech republic requesting for some help on the best testosterone medicine or remedy because i am recovering from an over masturbation addictiom of 12 years. I am currently recovering from it for 6moths now but in search of the best medicine to treat or reverse the effects of over masturbation and then get on the best testosterone booster. After my full recovery i hope to marry and bear kids….

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Yassim, this website deals specifically with male fertility. To boost your Testosterone levels and your erectile function naturally I would suggest (1) to get into a clean lifestyle, (2) get into weight lifting (research stronglifts 5×5) and (3) take an arginine + pine bark extract combination supplement. I also strongly advise avoiding pornography and saving your sexual energy to satisfy your partner. Best of luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Catalin, yes you take take the nutrients individually of course. Keep in mind, however, that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You therefore need to make sure you take as many of the 13 fertility nutrients as you can at the same time. Best of luck!

  36. Aash
    Aash says:

    Hello I would like to know that are these supplements suitable for vegetarians as well?also can I ask some questions privately?thank you

  37. Garrick
    Garrick says:

    Please tell me whether my report is normal and what can i do to improve my motility and morphology

    Days of abstinence before providing sample: 4 Days

    Volume: 7.0 ml
    Sperm Count: 40 million/ml
    Live count: 26 million/ml
    Liquefaction time: 30 minutes
    Ph: 7.6
    Viscosity: Viscous
    % motile: 62%
    Active Motile: 0
    Sluggish Motile: 60%
    Non Motile: 40%

    Morphology: 26%
    WBC’s: 3

    I have been able to make my wife pregnant once which ended in miscarriage.After that we have been trying for baby for two years but no result.

    Health condition:
    Taking wellman conception along with extra 200 mg Vitamin E and 500 mg Vitamin C
    No symptoms of STI
    No problem in urination or ejaculation
    Caffeine intake: 1 cup of tea daily, no frizzy drinks
    Dont smoke or drink
    Wear lose clothes
    Not taking warm baths

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Garrick, your count and morphology are fine: both are at 200% (minimum is 20 million/ml for count) and 650% (minimum is 4% normal forms for morphology). The issue is indeed your active motility, which should be at 32%+. I suggest several things: firstly, do at least one, better two more semen analyses (SA) approx. 2-3 weeks apart to ensure the 0% active motility reading is not an outlier. Keep in mind that SA fluctuates significantly even in the short term based on environmental influences. Secondly, focus your diet on motility-enhancing nutrients:

      – 2 g/day L-Carnitine + Vitamin E increases sperm motility 59% over eight months
      – 3 g/day L-Carnitine increases sperm motility by 40% over three months
      – 2,000 mg/day Vitamin C increases sperm motility 39% in 2 months
      – 4 mg/day lycopene increases sperm motility by 25% in 3 months
      – 200 mg selenium + 400 IU Vitamin E improved motility, morphology or both in 53% of patients over 14 weeks
      – Vitamin D (men low in vitamin D have lower sperm motility)

      I would focus on L-Carnitine, vitamin C, D, E and selenium. You can buy these nutrients separately or in combination products. Wellman Conception is a good product, but the quantities of the critical nutrient it offers are simply too low. You cannot squeeze all the nutrients you need into a single pressed pill. For this reason, the top 3 products in the comparison all require 4+ capsules per day. Buy what you can afford. Feril M PRO is the cheapest of the top three products I believe.

      Thirdly, do try out James Bond showers to supercharge your metabolism. Also, no impact sports allowed. A single nasty kick or fall can destroy your “ready” swimmers and it will take 3 months to make new ones. Best are swimming, rowing and running. Finally, depending on the severity of your low motility’s cause do start looking at ICSI as an ultimate solution. Obviously do all of this under the supervision of your GP/physician. Best of luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Younas, both your sperm count (WHO minimum is 20 million / ml) and motility (WHO minimum is 32% progressive motility) are low. Were you given a number for your morphology (% normal shapes?). You are therefore classified as “statistically” subfertile, however this means: 1. you can still father a child (at any time!), your chances are just lower and 2. you can do many things to increase your count and motility (refer to this article). My advice is the usual: take the right supplements, 3. live a clean lifestyle and get the ovulation-intrcourse timing perfect. Finally, never forget that the semen analysis is just a snapshot and that the readings can change dramatically within days / weeks. I would make the above changes and do another semen analysis in 3 months time. In the meantime, 4. learn to meditate (try MBSR), learn fertility yoga and 5. enjoy the journey with a positive mindset. I hope this helps. Best of luck!

  38. Mohamed Nasr
    Mohamed Nasr says:

    I have sever Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (head defect) and (tail defect). Lots of bacteria but even after taking antibiotics and the bacteria infection diappeared, the problem is still existing!! What is your advice?

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Mohamed, ICSI is one potential strategy, but please discuss this in detail with your fertility specialist. Best of luck!

  39. James
    James says:

    Parameter Result Units Reference Ranges
    Semen, Routine examination/ Seminal Fluid Analysis
    Time of Collection 9:00 am
    Time of Analysis 9:30 am
    Volume 6.0 mls 2 – 6
    Liquifaction Time Within 30mins minutes 39 million
    Appearance (Semen) Opalescent Opalescent
    Morphology 60% Normal , 40% Abnormal > 30% normal
    RBC (semen) Nil Nil
    Pus cells (semen) 10 – 12 /HPF 0-1/HPF
    PH (semen) 8.0 7.2 – 7.8
    Rapid 30 % > 50% within 60 mins
    Slow 25 % > 25% within 60 mins
    Non-Motile 15 % > 25% within 60 mins
    Dead 30 % > 25% within 60 mins

    DR Jones,what is you analysis of my semen parameter..been trying to conceive with my wife for one and a half year…we also have challenge with ovulation intercourse timing..the strips(ovulation) are not consistent atall


    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear James, unfortunately your data is not quite clear: if your count is 39 million / ml that is fine (almost 200% of the WHO minimum). Your morphology of 60% normal forms is excellent (1200% of WHO minimum). Your motility is slightly low at 30% rapid progressive, but still fine. Your volume of 6 ml is also very good. I would therefore conclude that you are a fertile man. If you are still struggling for unknown reasons, I suggest you try pine bark extract with arginine (article here), because this combination has been shown to help is cases of idiopathic infertility (all seems clear, but still no pregnancy). Finally, regarding intercourse timing: you should use multiple timing techniques in parallel: Basal Body Temperature (Charting) Method + urine strips + smart phone app. Also consider fertility yoga for both of you and mindfulness meditation (MBSR). Best of luck!

  40. Ian
    Ian says:

    Dear Dr. Jones,
    Is it advisable for me to continue to make love to my wife during the period of 3-4 months when taking Fertisan M or do you advise I abstain from sex to allow for a build up and maturity of the sperm before we can have sex?
    My doctor once advised I have sex more often to increase the release and flow of fresh sperm cells. Kindly advise.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Ian, yes you should absolutely continue to have intercourse with your wife. Only abstain for 3 days before her most likely day of ovulation. This will elevate your semen volume for the first orgasm and make more sperm cells available. Google is your friend on how to forecast the ovulation date (use multiple methods in tandem: BBT, apps and urine strips to get as close to the LH sure as possible). Best of luck!

  41. Mike
    Mike says:

    Dear Dr Jones

    Here is our results:

    Volume: 2.4ml
    Viscosity: normal
    PH: <8
    Round cells: <1%
    Count: 54ml
    Motile count: 68%
    Progression: 3/4
    Normal forms: 4% (coiled tails seems to be a problem here)
    MAR: neg

    Took Fertilisan M for 5 months with no obvious change in 2 tests (1 done in Nov and 1 in April).

    Whats the verdict, Doctor? (despite the lower range of 4% of normal forms by Kruger criteria). Am i fertile?


    Thanks a lot!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Mike, your motility is twice as high as the WHO minimum and your sperm count 2.5 times the WHO minimum, which is very good. Your morphology / % normal forms are WHO borderline (4%). I would say you are still fertile. Do take the normal measures (clean lifestyle & diet + supplements, no smoking, regular low-impact exercise) & make sure you time your intercourse perfectly around your partner’s ovulation. Best of luck!

  42. Onyi
    Onyi says:

    My wife and I were TTC for 18 months without success. I was almost 40 and my wife was in her mid thirties and that really got us worried especially after visiting some doctors for help. They could only help with diagnosing that the problem was mine after some tests. A gynecologist even suggested IVF after dashing any hope of us conceiving naturally because my numbers were really low. But then, I researched and found Fertilsan M and asked my wife (who was already getting impatient) and the gynecologist who is also an IVF specialist to give me just 3 months (which is the recommended duration for taking the pills), and if nothing happens then we would go IVF. And alas! Before I could finish taking the pills my wife’s menstruation had delayed for a couple of days! Then we got it confirmed. We now have a beautiful baby girl born last May!

  43. AR
    AR says:

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    my morphology is 1%
    Volume is 4.5 ml
    Count is 18 million
    Motility is 50%
    I am using fertilaid for the last 12 weeks

    How can I improve morphology fast


    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear AR, The best nutrient combinations for morphology specifically appears to be

      – 200 mg/day pycnogenol / pine bark extract improves sperm morphology by 38% in 90 days. Study here.
      – 200 µg selenium + 400 IU Vitamin E improved motility, morphology or both in 53% of patients over 14 weeks14. Study here.

      Your count is also just below the WHO minimum of 20 million / ml. Keep in mind that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Rather than taking individual supplements we would therefore recommend a combination supplement like fertilsan or Fertil M Pro, which include all of the above + Arginine and carnitine, vitamin D and C, which also boost count and motility. Best of luck!

      • Gorká
        Gorká says:

        would you recommend buying extra pine bark, selenium or vit E to complement fertilsan? I read about the ingredients and fertilsan has have enough of those. Also I’ve read that too much vit E with selenium could provoque prostate cancer, I’m young but well, I like to be healthy.

  44. John
    John says:

    Dear dr jones,
    Thanks for ur gud work my name is jon …dr my case is really serious i did a test and i was told that my sperm. is dead …plss kindly tell me which of the nutrient suppliment shld i take? I live in usa so i dont if i can get it in usa or if they do deliver to usa ..dr plss kindly help me ..try as much as u can to reply me …i dont feel like a man any more …im married plsss be of help..thanks

    • John
      John says:

      Dr jones please tell me what to do or the best suppliemnt to take …my name is jon this is third time im writing but u have not respond to any of my request …please reply sperm is dead …and its very much watery …wish i can get your personal email address…however please tell me what to do i really need my wife yo be pregnant…i will be very much happy if you can see to my case …

      • Dr. Jones
        Dr. Jones says:

        Dear John, supplements are effective at improving your sperm quality, however, if your sperm is dead (necrospermia) supplement cannot fix this. Necrospermia can have 28 different causes (google is your friend) so you need to visit a fertility specialist to get a full diagnosis and treatment plan. I can see from your IP that you are based in California, which happens to have 3 of the USA’s top 5 fertility clinics. Call the one nearest to you and get an appointment. They will also advise you on artificial fertilisation options. Best of luck!

  45. Kal el
    Kal el says:

    HI Doctor
    Here is my results:

    Volume: 2.4ml
    Viscosity: increased
    PH: 8
    Round cells: 6.5%
    Concentration: 29.5ml
    Progressive Motility: 26
    Rapid Progressive: 21
    Slow Progressive: 5
    Morphology oval: 0
    Total Sperm: 70.8

    Have been trying with wife every 2 days during fertile ovulation period. Been trying for a year and no luck. Gyne said she is full of eggs but may be a little stressed due to all the visible vains.

    please advice?

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Kal el, your count is fine (50% above the WHO minimum), but your motility is slightly low (WHO minimum for progressive movement is 32%, however this is partially compensated for by your good sperm count), however, I am concerned about your Morphology of 0%. This should be at least 4% and 0% could indicate an infection. I suggest you see a local fertility specialist in person and get a diagnosis in person. Best of luck!

      • Kal el
        Kal el says:

        HI Dr Jones,

        I have and he has introduced to me L-Carnitine Complex @ 1000mg per serving. Am still taking now daily.

        I have previously have tried fertilsan M 90-Day Capsules in OCT last tear for 90 days but stopped, not sure if I should try it again?

        Thanks for your advice.

        • Dr. Jones
          Dr. Jones says:

          Dear Cal el, Carnitine by itself is a good start. However, depending on your semen analysis you may need to take multiple fertility nutrients to make sure you have volume, count, motility and morphology optimised. You also HAVE to take them for a minimum of 3 months (until conception), because sperm take this long to mature from generation to ejaculation. My advice is therefore to start taking a male fertility combination supplement again immediately until your partner is pregnant. Also follow the other advice (clean lifestyle, diet, regular exercise, good sleep). Make sure you time your intercourse precisely around her ovulation (instructions here) Best of luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear del, I am afraid dietary measures such as supplements cannot cure azoospermia. We have covered some related research on this page. I strongly advice you get a full diagnosis from your local Andrologist. Best of luck!

      • del
        del says:

        I have a big varicose veins in my legs,it can affect my infertility problem?last 2001 I have sperm in my ejaculation,65million,but after 2year I have no more sperm?what the problem.

        • Dr. Jones
          Dr. Jones says:

          Dear del, yes – it is likely the varicose veins are affecting your fertility. You need to get a full in-person diagnosis from your local Urologist / Andrologist. Best of luck!

  46. ahmed
    ahmed says:


    Thanks for this great site and great information.

    I wonder about those two other products in comparision with our winner (fertilsan M) the first is
    FertilAid for Men: Male Fertility Supplement while the second is
    Male Fertility Supplement

    My best regards

  47. Toshi
    Toshi says:

    I have been married from last 6.5 years but not getting pregnant.. my volume ..2.5mil,count-30mil,motility-20mil and morphology is 1%..
    we are planning for IVF should i give a try to Fertilsan -M….

    We have become so impatient..please help us

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Toshi, can could you provide all & exact semen analysis results you were provided? At first glance your motility (should be in %) and morphology seem low (yes, which you will be able to improve with a male fertility supplement), however, please provide all information comprehensively. Regards, Dr Jones

  48. John
    John says:

    Pls doctor is there any way a watery sperm can be corrected and boosted to normal …i really do. appreciate your time and your concern to the male ..thanks a lot..

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear John, We cannot give you a remote diagnosis on water sperm as there could be a multitude of causes. Please discuss it with your local Urologist / Andrologist in person. Best of luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Deep, if your sperm count is indeed nil, you may suffer from necrospermia. Have you had this confirmed by a semen analysis? In this case medication or supplements will not help and you will have to get a full diagnosis in person from your local fertility specialist. Once you begin to ejaculate live sperm again, follow the advice on this page to maximise your sperm count and other key factors. Best of luck!

          • Anonymous
            Anonymous says:

            Dear Dr. Me and my husband have been try for a baby for a long long time, my husband is diagnosed with hypogonadism, he’s on testssterone injections from
            Time to time, we have gone through ICSI with one successful pregnancy which was later a miscarriage. Will fertilsan m and antamin help my husband ??

          • Dr. Jones
            Dr. Jones says:

            Dear Sehar, I would say that it is worth a try, but keep your expectations low: male fertility food supplements supply lots of useful building blocks (nutrients) for the body to produce lots of good sperm cells. However, if the “factory” is not working properly, it is not able to “assemble” the nutrients. I hope that makes sense. The good news is that your husband was obviously able to produce some good sperm cells, only a single one of which would have then been used in the ICSI treatment. In other words he was able to do his part and then unfortunately you miscarried. You have very little to lose in terms of cost-benefit: 6 months of male fertility supplements cost a fraction of an ICSI treatment (approx £200 vs. £2000+?). Your husband may be able to produce more good sperm (note – he needs to take them for more than three months), good enough for you to perhaps conceive again, but this time naturally. Have you got recent semen analysis results you could let me comment on? You have nothing to lose by continuing to try: do get your intercourse-timing spot on and lead the cleanest lifestyle you possible can. Best of luck!

  49. Martin
    Martin says:


    I’ve finally just had my first test results back (given over the phone by the secratery), I was advised to make an appointment to provide a second sample. I asked what my results were and the first words I heard were ‘zero morphology’ followed by a low sperm count, which was advised at 10million – I was still trying to work out what ‘zero morphology’ actually means to hear the rest.

    I’ve since done some research online to understand that ‘morphology’ refers to the shape of the sperm but I can not find any meaningful information around the ‘zero’ bit and therefore I am unclear of what that actually means to me – can this be improved, can I still father a child – if so, will the child’s health be compromised…

    I’m back to the hospital later today to collect the kit for me to produce a second sample and I am about to order fertilsan M to give that a go, but again – if I have ‘zero’ morphology, will fertilsan be pointless (or any other similar products)?

    I believe we have a healthy lifestyle, don’t eat too much processed or junk food – i’m also 45 (if that means anything) and the wife is 33…

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Martin, correct – morphology (or more commonly called “% normal forms”) refers to the statistical percentage of normally shaped sperm cells. They are often irregularly shaped so a low value of 4% is considered enough to be fertile. “Zero morphology” would – in theory – mean that you have 0% normal forms, however, this is incorrectly (and … if I may say so somewhat unprofessionally) expressed and you should clarify this with the laboratory. Also, (if you have seen a doctor and are confident that you have no existing conditions potentially affecting your fertility) it could have been a mistake by the lab – if they do confirm 0%, then I would consider doing a second SA, because the results can differ widely within weeks. Yes, I am confident morphology can be significantly improved with nutrients and treatments if need be (see above) – so you do need to see a fertility specialist once you do know for certain that you do have low or very low morphology. Finally, No, low morphology will not affect the health of the child, because only the strongest, most perfect sperm cell is able to fertilise the egg cell, because it is able to get there first (abnormally shaped sperm are less motile and therefore will “lose the race” to the egg). I hope this all makes sense. Very best of luck!

      • Martin
        Martin says:

        Dear Dr Jones,

        Thank you for your response, I very much appreciate your feedback.

        Since having “part” of my first results back via an unauthorised person (and I did raise a complaint over their professionalism which has been recognised) I spent a lot of time researching on how I could improve my position regarding my SA. I made a few changes to my diet and included a few simple exercises (daily) just so to keep the momentum going (I though we had a good diet but we discovered that our diet was OK but it was more of a routine diet (same thing week in week out) – no concentration of super nutrients that our body needs).

        Since the 1st of January the wife and I have been doing the 5:2 diet (fasting 2 days a week (only consuming 500 – 600 calories in our evening meal), eating healthier over the remaining 5). I have included in our diet things like walnuts, avocado, a lot more veg (trying to consume 5 a day in veg alone – mixed range and especially spinach and sweet potato (we now like sweet potato instead of regular potatoes!)) and even a piece of dark chocolate per day of 85% cocoa solid, as well as a lot of fruits such as oranges, nectarines, bananas and grapes – aiming to consume a minimum of 3 a day.

        We are currently NOT taking any additional supplements.

        Our diets didn’t really change in November & December (if anything, it was worse in December with it being the festive season, alcohol indulgence, rich, sweet and savoury foods) but come the start of the new year we put our new regime in to action, the results are as below:

        November January % Increase
        Volume – 4ml 4.1ml 2.5%
        Count – 10.9 26.1 139%
        Motility – 21 28 33%
        Morphology – 0 2 200%

        Weight loss – 8 pounds

        The above changes are from 4 weeks of trying and I am personally please to see such a change (but i’m not out of the woods yet!).
        The volume I am assured is good, the count is now much better, motility is still short of target as is the morphology, but according to our Dr, we are now in a much better position than previous to get pregnant – I just need to keep up with the diet (and perhaps take additional supplements).

        We have a meeting with our Dr on 1st March to discuss our options going forward but going by your expertise, the pace of improvement on motility (an to a point morphology, given that the percentage is based on a low number) is quite low – would this be typical or is there a way to boost improvements like I have done on the sperm count?

        Thanks again & Kind Regards

        • Dr. Jones
          Dr. Jones says:

          Dear Martin, congratulations on your count increase and positive attitude. I am very happy to read that your lifestyle changes are having such a positive impact. You do need to keep in mind that (1) sperm cells take approx 11. weeks to reach maturity. Therefore, the cells ready for ejaculation now have been maturing since November. (2) SA samples are notoriously prone to outliers, because the cells are so sensitive to traumata. The fluctuations in your results are therefore not necessarily indicative of your fertility level today. (3) If your intercourse timing is perfect you may yet be able to fertilise your partner’s egg. Because fertility is so probability-based you really need to do everything you can to maximise your SA readings and therefore your probabilities. Please read our articles on boosting motility and do take a supplement to ensure that there is no shortage of nutrients in your body. Keep trying and make sure that your intercourse timing is spot on. Best of luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Ali, the supplement tested on this site increase male fertility, i.e. a man’s ability to father a child. This website has absolutely nothing to do libido enhancers. Best of luck!

  50. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel says:

    Hello Dr.
    The last semen analysis I did revealed my count as 1m. Can the sperm count be boosted to the required amount with any of the above supplements?
    Thank you.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Emmanuel, you did not specify if your count is 1 million total or 1 million / ml. First the bad news: either way, this count is very low, because the minimum count as per the WHO guidelines is 20 million / ml, which puts you at maximum 5% of the minimum (less if the figure you supplied is equal to the total count). There is a chance that following trauma (heat or physical) your sperm count might have dramatically dropped, but that is not the normal case. In this case your sperm count may recover, but the only way of knowing is by doing another semen analysis. The good news is that you do have sperm count, which you can try to boost your sperm count. I would suggest several things 1. change your lifestyle to make it as clean and green as possible (no smoking or fast foods etc, avoid meat), yes – do take a male fertility food supplement for 4-6 months and after a minimum of 3 months do another semen analysis. Avoid trauma to your testicles (no high impact sports, laptops on lap etc) and – fingers crossed – your sperm count may recover. If you do post again, please don’t forget to include your semen volume, motility and morphology/%-normal forms numbers as they are equally important in assessing term quality. Best of luck!

  51. Qasim
    Qasim says:

    Hi.respected sir I m from Pakistan now living in Italy and I m also having low sperm problem and some other related to it like motility. Please help us cos me and my wife so much worried. If you ask I will send you my report.. Awaiting for positive response.thank you.

  52. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Hi Doctor, my husband and I have been actively ttc over a year now. Last SA was 2 months ago and the results were: 28 million per ml, volume 3.4, total count 95.2, motility 68% with 50% fast progressive and 40% slow progressive, 3% morphology. He has been taking fertilisan M for 3 months now, along with 200mg ubiquinal, additional vit c & e, omega 3, and additional pycnogenol and just started astaxanthin. Diet improved but needs to be improved further. Cut back on alcohol. Just purchased snowballs underwear to cool the testicles!
    We are hoping for an improvement on the next SA, but even at the numbers listed above what are our chances of a natural conception do you think? Our fertility specialists think the low morphology isn’t an issue, and I have found a lot of conflicting opinions online. I personally thinks its an issue along with a lower than average count. Thanks in advance for your input!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Sarah, your husband’s numbers are fine. The morphology should be at least 4% (33% higher), but he compensates with a motility, which is 200% higher than the WHO minimum. Provided you are fully fertile, I think you have good chances to conceive naturally. Make sure you track your ovulation date and follow the intercourse timing strategy, cut out processed meats / foods, no smoking etc and enjoy the journey! Best of luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear FOXNET, these readings are all very low I am afraid. Keep in mind there is a chance these readings are an outlier (SA readings can differ significantly by the week). However, your morphology should be at least 4%, motility A+B at least 32% and count at least 20 million / ml. Do try the healthy lifestyle (ideally no meat, processed foods etc), low impact exercise (ideally weights), no smoking and a fertility supplement for 6 months. I that does not improve your readings you may need to look at IVF or ICSI depending on your timeframes and budget. Please discuss this in person with your local fertility specialist. Best of luck!

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear William, we do not sell any products. Please order directly on amazon or the manufacturers’ sites. Best of luck!

  53. sam
    sam says:

    is it ok to have fertility supplement even i don’t have fertility issue to keep sperm healthy and maintain or improve count

  54. mahboobe
    mahboobe says:

    hi dr
    My husband, Varicocele Grid 3, was treated and the testicular biopsy was done
    And unfortunately no sperm was found.
    He is azoospermia
    Can this medication solve his problem and we should have a child?
    we live in iran

  55. Steve Fowler
    Steve Fowler says:

    Hi Dr Jones,

    This page has been so beneficial to us so thankyou for your advice.

    Me and wife have been trying for 12 months and are both fit and healthy and eat well, don’t smoke etc. I had a Semen test and the results came back as follows,
    PH 8.1
    Rapid 5%
    Slow progressive 24%
    Non progressive 4%
    Immotile 67%
    Morphology 2%
    Sperm motility ref ranges
    A only = 25%
    A +b 50%

    We have just ordered Fertilsan m in the hope to help us get pregnant thanks to you.

    Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Steve, thank you for your comment. It is very much appreciated that can be helpful! Unfortunately, your data does not include your sperm count (in million / ml) – could you please supply us with the number so we can provide you with more advice?

      Both your morphology and motility are below WHO thresholds so a male fertility supplement will benefit you. To increase your motility specifically, please read

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Ammar, that depends on the cause of your azoospermia. Supplements alone cannot cure azoospermia. Please discuss this in detail and in person directly with your local fertility specialist. Best of luck!

  56. Seth
    Seth says:

    Dear Dr. Jones,

    I appreciate your devotion on educating the public on sensitive issues like this. I have a question and I hope u could help…below is my readings…and I would like to know if I could improve my readings by taking in fertility supplements. Thanks in advance.

    Ejaculation volume =2.5ml
    Concentration =1.0m/ml
    Colour =normal
    Motility (fast progressive)=0%
    (Slow progressive)=4%
    (No progressive)=8%
    (No motility)=88%

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear empress2711, yes – you can combine the two together, because there should be no interactions. However, 1. discuss taking both products with your local pharmacologist / pharmacist first, 2. start first with a small daily dose of each product, say 25% of the recommended daily dose to make sure that both products are easily digested. Then gradually build up the dose to the full recommended dose over several days or week. You could also take one product in the morning and one in the evening. 3. Speman is a Ayurveda product, whose herbal ingredients have not been proven to improve male fertility in clinical trials, which is common in Western medicine. 4. It will take 11 weeks for any nutrients to positively affect your sperm quality, because this is the duration of the maturation process. 5. If you are actively trying to conceive, make sure you time your intercourse carefully the female’s ovulation date (track her cycle carefully using multiple methods in parallel such as body basal temperature, cervical mucus and urine strips). I hope this all makes sense. Best of luck!

  57. Chris York
    Chris York says:

    Hi there, after doing a bit of research I tend to disagree with your Detailed Scoresheet of the Male Fertility Supplements. Recently I had a computer spermogram done and although my sperm count was good 95 mil per 1ml

    the final conclusion of the test was: Asthenopaperatosispermia

    Oligozoospermia – diagnosed based on the total number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate….
    Asthenozoospermia – diagnosed on the basis of the percentage of sperm with a progressive type of motion…
    Teratozoospermia – diagnosed on the basis of the percentage of normal for all morphological parameters of the sperm.

    I went to see a Urologist and I told him that for nearly 3 months I have been taking the Wellman Conception tablets, but he prescribed to me the Fertilovit M Plus and Prostatilen injections for 10 days (still not sure why the


    Anyway, I was already familiar with your testing scores on this page and because I was quite keen to buy the fertilsan M I decided to do a bit of research to compare the fertilsan M and Fertilovit M Plus prescribed by the


    On your scoresheet:

    … for the Fertilovit M Plus you say: Uses Citrulline instead of L-Arginine (?). and you added the question mark. Well a simple google search took me to this video on YouTube:

    Maybe not 100% related to fertility, but surely there is something….

    I am not going to go into details about every single component but because I was interested in the Vitam C levels I’ve noticed the following:

    1. fertilsan M – Vitam C – 200mg – 10pts
    2. Fertil M Pro – Vitam C – 300mg – 10pts
    6. Fertilovit M Plus – Vitam C -100mg – 5pts

    If a 100mg gives a 5pts difference as per 1.fertilsan M and 6.Fertilovit M Plus, then surely the No2 – Fertil M Pro should be awarded with 15pts?

    Another remark to make is regarding linking the products for further info. While the fertilsan M link takes you to the manufacturer’s website, the link for the Fertilovit M Plus takes you to amazon to a different product –

    Fertilovit MT.

    You could have simply included the manifacturer’s website link:

    In my case bot types of drugs seem suitable for me:

    fertilsan M
    -Oligospermia (low sperm count)
    -Asthenospermia (low motility)
    -Teratospermia (sub optimal morphology)

    Fertilovit M Plus
    -Impaired semen quality
    -Weak erectile dysfunction
    -Antioxidative therapy after aricocelectomia

    Anyway, just my comment 🙂 You’re doing a great job and I am happy for the existing of such sites.

  58. Emmanuel Anyebe Edward
    Emmanuel Anyebe Edward says:

    I really want to know if Fertilsan M is available in Nigeria and which shop? I have been trying to conceive for many years without result. Thanks

  59. Akshay
    Akshay says:

    Hi Dr. Jones,

    This is Akshay from Singapore, I hope u could only help me here, i’ve got my semen analysis result here in Singapore just few day’s back. I would like to ask you a question and help, does fertility supplements really help for my situation to my readings for Concentration/Vitality/Morphology.
    Thank you inAdvance.

    Ejaculation volume =3ml (≥ 1.5 ml)
    Concentration =6.5/ml (≥ 15 x 10⁶ /ml)
    Motility (Progressive)=36%

    We were trying to get pregnant since 1.5 years, unfortunately my wife also has endometriosis cyst at left ovary, natural process didn't help me. can we choose IUI or IVI, does my current readings above enough to opt in any of the assisted method quickly?
    i'm 35 years old. wife is 30 years.

    i'm in kind of blank dark side now, kindly do the needful. Thank you so much in advance.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Ashkay, apologies for the slow response.

      Without having met and discussed with you personally, I would opt for IVF, because of your wife’s young age! So some research online and find the clinic with the best success rates for the mother age bracket 30-35. Go for the best clinic you can afford. It is important that it feels right. Don’t feel pressured – you are both young. Exercise and meditate – the less stress you both put on yourselves, the higher the chance of success.

      Meanwhile, your sperm count and morphology are too low by 65% (6.5 instead of minimum 20) and 75%+ (<1 instead of minimum 4) respectively.

      To boost sperm count, please read - and

      To boost morphology, please read –

      In addition, do keep trying regularly and make sure you time your intercourse around her ovulation. The best gadget on the market to track the ovulation time window is AVA, read

      Best of luck!

      • Akshay Kumar TS
        Akshay Kumar TS says:

        Hi Jones Sir, Thank you so much for valuable comments to my queries and sharing the links to improve my sperm count. greatly appreciated. i’m unable to afford IVF/ICSI procedures here in Singapore. So decided to travel back to home country India for treatment.

        Meanwhile my question is
        1) My current sperm count and values whatever indicated above note. Do you think not enough for to proceed with IVF/ICSI methods?
        2) I consult a Prof in Singapore, they advise me to take supplements for next 90 days which those micro tablet supplements being formulated by himself (German).
        And he said, i’ve to choose ICSI method only, normal IVF may not work for me. So to do ICSI are my current Sperm count is good enough to proceed?

        Please let me know your thoughts.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Ahmed, if your results are normal there is no need to buy supplements. Just time your intercourse around her ovulation. Best of luck!

  60. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    Wish to discuss my problem in private. Can you kindly let me have a private email address wher I can address my problem in private please? Thanks.

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Joseph, please contact your local fertility specialist, who will be able to provide you with a full medical diagnosis. Best of luck!

  61. Md.Shamsuzzoha
    Md.Shamsuzzoha says:

    I live in Stockholm, Sweden, how can I get treatment from u. Could u please give me your address? I have been suffering from azoospermia where no sperm in the semen test.
    Kind regards

  62. Joel
    Joel says:

    Doctor me and my wife are planning for a lovely baby ,we have tried three times and my got pregnant but there’s no baby only the sack please doctor if you can try and figure out whats causing this kind of defect

  63. Joao
    Joao says:

    Hi your post about the Amitamin supplement is tempting me to but it. However i go on their site and they have hardly any reviews plus I can’t find many anywhere online. I went to trustpilot and they have 6 reviews all bad. How can it be top of your list? The one that is second of your list isn’t even on trustpilot and neither is your site. Can you explain.

  64. Marie
    Marie says:


    My fiancé is taking 25mg of Clo. per day to increase his sperm count and I was wondering if he could take Fertilisan M on top without having side effects?

    • Dr. Jones
      Dr. Jones says:

      Dear Marie, please check that with his andologist / urologist / fertility consultant. I cannot make a remote judgement on this without know his case history.


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