femometer® Smart Fertility Tracker

What is the femometer basal body thermometer?

If you want to get pregnant fast, you need to have regular unprotected sex during the female partner”s ovulation time window. However, this time window is small and menstrual cycles change. This makes it a challenge to determine when ovulation is occurring and timing intercourse accordingly from month to month.

In recent years there has been a rise in the popularity and availability of fertility trackers for women. These devices can help couples better understand their fertility window by pinpointing the ovulation time window.

The femometer Smart Fertility Tracker is a so-called basal body thermometer. The manufacturer Bongmi distributes the device all over the world via physical and online retailers.

It works with iOS and Android phones and monitors and collects historical data about basal body temperate (BBT) over time. This information is very useful for family planning as it allows a woman to know when she is fertile and most likely to conceive.

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What is BBT?

The BBT is the Basal Body Temperature, the lowest body temperature in a given 24 hour period. A woman measures her BBT first thing in the morning immediately upon waking and before any activity for an accurate reading. Variations in BBT are indicative of ovulation:

A woman”s BBT will increase by 0.5 to 1 degree Fahrenheit or by 0.25 to 0.5 degree Celsius when ovulation occurs. By tracking these temperature variations and creating a visual chart it is possible to more accurately determine the optimal fertility window – and time the TTC (Trying-To-Conceive) intercourse carefully around it.

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Advantages of the femometer Smart Fertility Tracker


A BBT monitor must reliably and accurately measure slight temperature changes. The femometer® can detect a ±0.05 (1/20th) degree Celsius or a ±0.09 (1/10th) degree Fahrenheit variation. This is a high level of accuracy and a must for effectively measuring BBT.

Ovulation Predictability

As the femometer can identify small changes in BBT, the ability of this device to predict ovulation is high. Bongmi promises a prediction accuracy of 99%. With no fertility tracker able to offer 100% accuracy, 99% is certainly top of the range.

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Smart Analysis

A good fertility tracker must be able to accurately analyse data and present this information to users in a practical, user-friendly manner. The femometer does this.

The device collects, stores and analysis BBT readings and then charts this information in the associated app. This allows women to easily track the temperature trend during their cycle visually and see when they are most fertile.

Ease of use

The femometer is used like a traditional thermometer. It femometer should be stored near the bed and the BBT reading taken first thing upon waking each morning, ideally around the same time. The femometer is placed under the tongue until 3 beeps are heard. This usually takes between 1 and 3 minutes. The temperature readings are then recorded by the device for analysis.

Secure Data Storage

The femometer® device itself can store up to 300 BBT readings. It also synchronises via Bluetooth with iOs 8.0 + and Android 4.3 + smartphones, via Cloud Sync. This ensures that records are maintained and no data is ever lost. This can enable fertility tracking over extended time periods for an accurate overview of reproductive health.

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Fertility Alert System

One of the benefits of using the femometer is that the associated App will send updates and alerts surrounding fertility. This enables users to easily identify when they are ovulating and increases their chances of pregnancy.


The femometer comes in a neat storage box and is available in a choice of Cherry Pink, Purple, Rose Gold and Blue.


The slim lip-stick design makes this device easy to transport in a handbag or purse.

Award Winning

Appointed winner of the 2016 iF Design Award, Bongmi has achieved a smart blend of style, accuracy and reliability to create a reputable fertility monitor. The end product is lightweight yet sturdy. It looks well made and long-lasting.

Disadvantages of the femometer Smart Fertility Tracker

Requires a Smart Phone: There isn”t a lot to mention when it comes to the disadvantages of using the femometer, other than you must own a Smart Phone. Using the femometer® requires downloading an app for either an iOS or Android system.

It is the smartphone App, that really add the value: itsynchronises the temperature data from the device, charts a graph of BBT over time and provides important fertility information. Without the App, the femometer® is just a high-end thermometer.

Of course, you can still use the femometer without a smartphone. Users can still chart their BBT by hand and learn more about their fertility cycle. However, using the femometer with an Android or iOS device ensures that the benefits of this high-end fertility tracker can be fully utilised.

Already Pregnant?

The first trimester is the most critical in baby development. A pregnant woman must monitor her body closely, especially if there has been a history of miscarriages. The femometer can give pregnant mothers an opportunity to identify any possible problems at this crucial early stage.

During pregnancy, BBT should remain elevated. Although every woman is different, generally BBT will spike by half a degree to a degree more while pregnant. This occurs due to hormonal changes.

By continuing to chart BBT during the first trimester, it is possible to detect any variations quickly and seek medical attention.

Not ready to start a family?

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Although the femometer Smart Fertility Tracker is designed mainly for woman wanting to start a family, it can also be used by women who just want to have a better understanding of their body.

Knowledge of reproductive health gives women the information needed to make informed decisions and future family planning options.

When used in conjunction with other contraceptive methods, the femometer can help to reduce the chance of pregnancy simply by avoiding unprotected intercourse near or during the ovulation time window.

What comes with the femometer Smart Fertility Tracker?

The femometer® Smart Fertility Tracker comes with a detailed user manual, the femometer® itself, a built-in battery and a battery tool. The battery already stored in the device will last for approximately 6 months before it requires replacing. The battery tool is a small key-like device to access the internal battery tray and replace the CR1632 button battery as needed.

How much does the femometer Smart Fertility Tracker cost?

The femometer® retails for around £49 in the UK on Amazon. In the Unites States, its recommended retail price is $99 on Amazon.com, but we have managed to buy for $49 whilst on a 50% promotion. For worldwide delivery you can buy it on eBay for about 60 USD + P&P + import duties totally approximately USD 85 depending on where you are.

Where can I buy it?

There are lots of reputable retailers around the world stocking it. But if you don’t want to take the chance and just buy it online, this is where you can get it:

eBay (worldwide shipping)
Amazon USA
Amazon Germany


The femometer® Smart Fertility Tracker does what it says on the box – and it does it well. It is reliable, accurate, easy to use and pretty to look at.

The price is fair, ordering and tracking via amazon was easy and the femometer arrived after just a few days well packaged in the post.

PRO TIP: When you first use the femometer® Smart Fertility Tracker give it time to calibrate and sync with the app. Once you are up and running there is plenty of handy tips and tools within the app, making this fertility tracker an insightful aid for any woman.

To pinpoint the ovulation time window as precisely as possible we recommend using the BMM method in combination with complimentary methods such as cervical mucus and L-Surge hormone tracking. Finally, find out here, when exactly to have TTC intercourse around your ovulation.

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